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Top 100 and something most common GRE words

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Top 100 and something most common GRE words [#permalink] New post 07 Dec 2018, 01:21
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In alphabetic order + synonims

abate - reduce in amount, ~ ebb, moderate, lapse, let up, relent, slacken, subside, wane
abscond - to leave secretly, ~ flee, decamp, escape
abstain - choose not to do sth ~ forbear, refrain, withhold
aggrandize - to increase in power, amplify, apotheosize, augment, ennoble, exalt, wax
alleviate - mitigate, allay, assuage, palliate, mollify, conciliate, appease, placate, propitiate
amalgamate - admix, blend, commingle, commix, compound, intermingle, intermix, mingle
ameliorate - amend, pacify, improve
adulterate - make impure
incongruity - discrepancy, inconsistency
aberrance - aberration, abnormality, deviance, preternaturalness
pester - antagonize, vex, incite
animosity - enmity, repellence, hostility, aversion, animus
impassivity - apathy, lassitude, listlessness, unconcern, stolidity, phlegm,
arbitrate - decide, adjudge,
superseded - bygone, antediluvian, dowdy, fusty, passe, stale, superannuated, out-of-date
ardor - fervency, enthusiasm, fervidity, fervor, fire, zeal, zealousness
assuage - allay, comfort, alleviate, appease, conciliate, palliate, placate, propriate
attenuate - weaken, debilitate, undo, devitalize, dilute, enfeeble, enervate, sap, unnerve, undermine
audacious - daring, dauntless, doughty, gallant, plucky, stout, mettlesome, intrepid, valorous, undaunted, valiant,
austere - bleak, grim, dour,
banal - bland, bromidic, cliched, fatuous, hackneyed, musty, innocuous, insipid, shopworn, jejune, prosaic, threadbare, vapid, trite, platitudinous
bolster - aid, reinforce, brace, support, uphold, buttress, prop, underpin
bombastic - bloated, declamatory, grandiloquent, high-flown, orotund,
cacophony - dissonance, noise, discord, clamor, din,
candid - forthright, frank, direct,
capricious - arbitrary, fickle, erratic, mercurial, whimsical, willful,
castigate - punish or criticize harshly, admonish, chastise, chide, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, scold, upbraid
caustic - harsh, acerbic, biting, mordant, trenchant
chaos - clutter, disarrangement, disarray, jumble, muddle, snarl, scramble, turmoil,
chauvinist - someone prejudiced in favor of a group where he belongs, partisan
chicanery - deception, artifice, conning, deviousness, pettifoggery,
cogent - persuasive, sound, telling
condone - excuse, remit, exculpate
convoluted - byzantine, elaborate, knotty, perplexing
corroborate - back up info, confirm, authenticate, bear out, buttress,
credulous - trusting, naive, susceptible
decorum - decency, mores, manners, etiquette, propriety, seemliness
deference - courtesy, homage, respect, obeisance, reverence, veneration
deride - ridicule, jeer, mock, sneer, gibe, taunt, scoff
derisive- mocking in manner
desiccate - dry, parch, dehydrate
desultory - random, aimless, chaotic, disconnected, haphazard, erratic, indiscriminate, stray, unplanned, unconsidered
diatribe - abusive condemnatory speech, fulmination, harangue, invective, jeremiad, malediction, onloquy, tirade
diffident - shy, timid, coy, retiring, bashful, demure, backward, self-effacing (lacking self-confidence)
dilate - (make larger, expand), amplify, elaborate, expatiate, enlarge
dilatory - lagging, slow, dragging, flagging, laggard, tardy,
dilettante - amateur, superficial, dabbler, tyro
dirge - (funeral hymn or mournful speech), elegy, lament
disabuse - (to set right, correct an error), correct, undeceive
discern - descry, detect, spot, spy, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, espy, glimpse
disparate - divergent, dissimilar, diverse, variant, various,
dissemble - feign, affect, assume, camouflage, counterfeit, dissimulate, disguise, pretend, sham,
dissonance - discord, dissent, dissidence, variance, strife, dissension,
dogma - doctrine, creed, tenet
dogmatic - dictatorial, doctrinate, domineering, imperious, magisterial, overbearing, peremptory
dupe - beguile, deceive, delude, humbug, hoodwink, cozen,
eclectic - broad, selective, catholic (made up from a variety of sources)
efficacy - dynamism, proficiency, vigor
elegy - (sorrowful speech), lament, dirge
eloquent - articulate, expressive,
emulate - imitate, ape
enervate - weaken, enfeeble, sap, debilitate
engender - beget, generate, spawn, procreate, proliferate,
ephemeral - evanescent, fleeting, impermanent
equivocate - ambiguous, waffling
erratic - capricious, inconstant, irresolute, whimsical, flippant, frivolous
erudite - wise, scholastic
esoteric - abstruse, arcane, obscure,
estimable - admirable, commendable, laudable, meritorious, venerable,
eulogy - commend, extol, laud ( speech in praise of someone )
euphemism - ( use of an inoffensive word in place of a more distasteful one ), whitewash, circumlocution
exacerbate - intensify, provoke, aggravate,
exculpate - absolve, acquit, vindicate, exonerate, acquit ( clear, prove innocent )
exigent - critical, urgent, imperative
explicit - candid, frank, unequivocal
exonerate - clear of blame, absolve, vindicate
fanatical - zealous, fiery, frenzied, extremist
fawn - bootlick, grovel, toady, pander
fervid - passionate, zealous, vehement,
florid - baroque, flamboyant, rococo, ornate, ostentatious,
to foment - agitate, impassion, instigate, kindle, inflame,
frugality - parsimony, prudence, sparing
garrulous - talkative, loquacious, effusive, verbose, superfluous, prolix
gregarious - affable, congenial, sociable
guile - (trickery), artifice, chicanery, connivery, duplicity
iconoclast - heterodox, rebel, nonconforming, maverick,
imperturbable - stoical, impassive, serene, dispassionate, composed
impervious - resistant, impregnable (incapable of being affected)
impetuous - impulsive, rash, precipitate, reckless
implacable - relentless, remorseless, inexorable, intransigent, unrelenting
inchoate - unorganized, incoherent, amorphous
ingenuous - simple, naive, innocent, guileless, artless
inimical- antagonistic, adverse, dissident, recalcitrant
innocuous - harmless, benign,
insipid - bland, dull, vapid, stale
intransigent - (uncompromising), implacable, inexorable, obdurate, obstinate, unbending, unrelenting, unyielding, inflexible, tenacious, pertinacious, mulish
inundate - overwhelm, deluge, engulf, drown,
irascible - irritable, ornery, testy, cantankerous,
lament - mourn, deplore, bewail
loquacious - talkative
lucid - clear, coherent
laud - acclaim, praise, commend, exalt, extol,
lavish - exuberant, profuse, opulent, prodigal, superabundant, profligate, spendthrift, wasteful (v.) bestow, confer (give ,donate)
lethargic - lazy, sluggish, languid, apathetic, lackadaisical, listless, torpid
luminous - incandescent, lucent, lustrous, radiant, resplendent
malinger - slack, shirk, (avoid responsibility)
malleable - adaptable, ductile, pliable, pliant
meticulous - precise, scrupulous, conscientious
mollify - to calm or make less severe, appease
mitigate - soften, moderate
monotony -(lack of variation), drone, tedium
obdurate - inflexible, resistant to persuasion
obsequious - compliant, deferential, servile
obstinate - stubborn, unyielding
obviate - make unnecessary, forestall, prohibit, preclude
occlude - block, barricade, obstruct,
onerous - oppressive, difficult, rigorous, burdensome, arduous, exacting, formidable, laborious, taxing,
opprobrium - disgrace, dishonor, infamy, onloquy, disrepute, discredit, ignominy
ostentation - showiness, pretentiousness, conspicuousness
paragon - ideal standard, quintessence, apotheosis
pedant - (someone who shows off learning)
perfidious - disloyal, faithless, treacherous,
perfunctory - automatic, mechanical, apathetic
permeate - (penetrate), infuse, suffuse, imbue
altruism - philanthropy
placate - to soothe or pacify, appease
plethora - overabundance, glut, surfeit, superfluity
precipitate - abrupt, impulsive, hasty, headlong, hurried, prompt, rash, impetuous,
prevaricate - lie, perjure, equivocate
pristine - innocent, undamaged
prodigal - lavish, wasteful
proliferate - breed, multiply, spawn,
propriate - to appease, pacify
propriety - decency, decorum, modesty, seemliness
prudence - caution, carefulness, (wisdom), astuteness, frugality, circumspection, discretion, providence, judiciousness
pungent - (sharp, irritating) acrid, caustic, piquant, poignant, stinging
quiescent - latent, dormant
rarefy - attenuate, thin
rhetoric - eloquence, effective writing/speaking
repudiate - reject, deny, disown, disavow, disclaim, renounce
reticent - secretive, quiet, introverted, laconic, standoffish, undemonstrative
satiate - (satisfy, overindulge), cloy, surfeit, glut, gorge
soporific - hypnotic, narcotic, slumberous, somnolent
specious - (seemingly plausible but fallacious)illusory, ostensible, spurious, sophistical
stigma - stain, taint, blot, opprobrium
stolid - impassive, indifferent
sublime - great, magnificent, noble, superb, exalted, resplendid, august,
tacit - implicit, unuttered
tirade - outburst, diatribe, obloquy, vilification, revilement, harangue, fulmination, diatribe
torpor - lethargy, languor (lacking movement, sluggish)
vacillate - waver, fluctuate, oscillate, dither, falter
venerate - revere, honor
veracity - truth, accuracy, candor, exactitude, fidelity, probity
verbose - wordy
vex - bother, exasperate, irk, nettle, chafe, peeve
waver - oscillate, fluctuate between choices
whimsical - erratic, frivolous, unpredictable
zeal - passion, fervor, ardency
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Re: Top 100 and something most common GRE words [#permalink] New post 07 Jan 2019, 13:38
Thanks for your effort
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Re: Top 100 and something most common GRE words [#permalink] New post 16 Mar 2019, 02:23
I must appreciate you efforts to avail this giant list of vocabulary. I also have been learning English for a long time and have taken many exams. What I have observed is that most of tests have similar vocal questions. So it's totally fine if you stick to limited words of vocabulary.
Re: Top 100 and something most common GRE words   [#permalink] 16 Mar 2019, 02:23
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Top 100 and something most common GRE words

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