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Rules to post on the Verbal Forum

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Rules to post on the Verbal Forum [#permalink] New post 10 Dec 2015, 06:55
Expert's post
11 Rules for Posting


Following the simple rules and suggestions below can help you, other members, and our moderators to be happier people. Yes, truly, we will all be happier! When you create mis-catagorized, or poorly-posted quant questions, it leads to confusion and diminishes the valuable forum content. It also makes our lives stressful and disorganized. However, if you follow these 11 simple suggestions, you can expect great karma, good looks, and extra points on the GMAT! If by chance that did not convince you, ignoring or breaking these rules will likely lead to removed posts, warnings, eventual bans, and a possible hair loss. Please follow the rules. Thank you!

1. Use the Search Box Before Posting.

- Chances are the one you wanted to post is already there.

2. Choose the Right Forum.

- - Please post RC questions in the RC subforum, TC questions in the TC subforum, and SE questions in the RE subforum. No posting of RC/TC/SE questions is allowed in the main Verbal forum.

3. Give a Topic Name. (IMPORTANT)

- Use the first sentence of the question or a string of words exactly as they show up in the question. You get 40 characters. Use them all to help with the search & similar topics feature! Please do not post something like this (a title "Couple confusing sentence completions (difficult level)", I keep it around as an example).

4. Post Only one Question per Topic.

- Please do not post multiple questions in the same post as it makes timer, search, tags, and other functions irrelevant.

5. Do not Change the Question.

- It is extremely important that the integrity of the original question is maintained. Remember, every word that is included in a question is there for a reason!

6. TYPE the Question in as Text.

- Do not post pictures of questions. There is no acceptance for question with picture. We - moderators and admin - will delete and warn the authors in case of posting image..

7. Indicate always the OA/OA's (Official Answer)

- Use the A, B, C, D, E radio buttons and make sure you post the answer choices.

8. Tag Your Questions. (IMPORTANT)

- At least 3 tags are required: difficulty level (in your opinion), question category, and source of the question. You are welcome to use more tags as applicable. You can also TAG other people’s posts to make them more valuable.

9. Avoid Short/Useless Posts (they will be deleted) and use the Kudos Button Instead.

- If you choose to answer a question, please answer only if your post adds value. Saying “+1 A” or “Great Question!” does not. Pressing the Kudos button does.

10. The posted comments and questions must be specific to the subject.

Please make sure they contain valuable (information)/necessary (question), impersonal, and professional. Purpose of adding comment to the existing thread needs to adhere to at least one of the following.
(a) Unique question - some question that is not discussed before.
(b) Discussion on unresolved issues/questions and unsatisfactory answers.
(c) Some information that is not a repeat and that is truly a value addition for other members.
(d) Correction to some earlier incorrect information which nobody addressed.

11. No bullying: Attacking any member personally is offensive and that behavior is discouraged.

Discussion need to be bound within correctness/wrongness of the subject content and NOT the person.

Thank you! We appreciate your understanding and support. Good luck on the GRE! If you have any comments for these rules, please give here and we will consider changing to increase the effective posting.

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Rules to post on the Verbal Forum   [#permalink] 10 Dec 2015, 06:55
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Rules to post on the Verbal Forum

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