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Rate an argument [#permalink] New post 23 Aug 2018, 02:31
In order to alleviate the serious unemployment problem in our town,we should encourage.Autotech to build its automobile manufacturing plant in our area.The Hillview landfill which has been undevelopped for decades is a perfect site for this plant.the building and staffing of this plant will put to work thousand of Hillview residents left unemployed after computech computer software programming company abandoned its national facility last year.i am asking the city council to authorize a large campaign to attract the company and offer a significant tax incentives to make our town attractive to this giant of car manufacturing.-write an argument task.

Unemployment is a serious problem of a town. To alleviate this problem, the author suggests the city council to authorize a large campaign and for providing a tax incentive to the company, Autotech so that it considers the town for building their next manufacturing plant. While the suggestion looks convincing in first glance, there are a few questions that need to be answered first before taking any decisions.

The first question to ponder over is that are the residents of the town fit to work in a automobile company, given that their experience is that of working in a software firm. The author makes an assumption here that the people who have previously worked in Computech are capable enough to work in Autotech and that there are no additional skills required. However, there is a significant difference between working in an automobile company and that in a software company, right from the variegated technologies used, qualifications required to the work cultures of these companies. Hence, it must be investigated that the residents with prior work experience in Computech are also fit and capable to work in Autotech.

Secondly, is the company willing to move to a new town and open up another manufacturing plant? If it is not, then any attempts that the city council puts in, it will all be futile as it does not take the expansion strategy of the company in account. It is possible that the company does not want to set up a manufacturing plant at all. However, if it plans to open up a new manufacturing plant soon, even then, it may or may not be the case that every individual is given a job in the plant. Hence, not only its future move, but also its planned capacity, number of employees etc. need to be ascertained.

Lastly, looking at it from the company point of view, are the tax incentives the only reason that limits the company growth in the area? If so, then lowering the tax incentives will surely lure the company in the town. However, there can be other reasons as well like the insularity or underdevelopment of the town, exponentially high land rates, higher cost of maintenance, etc. that would stem the growth of the company in this area. If these also account as the limiting factors, then the company would not want to set up its plant in this town, even if it is offered high tax incentives. Thus, the city council must understand the needs of the company and take appropriate actions over it to attract it to this city.

The answers to the above questions will help the city council understand the needs of the company and accordingly, the amenities that this town lacks. Also, attracting an automobile company in an area predominantly occupied by the software engineers may not be as good idea as attracting a software giant for the same. Thus, city council must try to find the answers of these questions before making its move.
Rate an argument   [#permalink] 23 Aug 2018, 02:31
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