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QQ - How to Post a GRE question_The Easy way

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QQ - How to Post a GRE question_The Easy way [#permalink] New post 16 Jul 2016, 06:45
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Hi Guys,

perhaps most of the time you have wondered how to post here on the board a quant question for which you are puzzled and need help. This is perfectly fine and importantly we are here to help you. However, GRE quant question has a particular format that could confuse you the way you post, properly, and at the same time is a kinda weird how they look like.

As such, I am going to guide you throughout a 360° way to create the perfect post under all its aspects.Following a sort of strategy, you gonna have it even to turn on the light, I will show you step by step how to use tags and bb-code in a way as much simple as possible.


    1) Read the rules for post in quant section, regardless the sub-forum quant forum you need to spoil. Here is the post to read very carefully and is mandatory rules-for-posting-please-read-this-before-posting-1083.html.

    2) It is really important to point out that all such rules are important to keep the board clean and efficient BUT if we really wanna to say the basic rules, you must follow :
    • Using the first sentence of the same question OR a phrase that well sum up the entire question and its key concepts
    • At least 3 (Three) tags to identify properly the question you are posting : an example could be the level of difficulty of the question, the area of content(algebra, word problem, and so forth), and the SOURCE.
    • The Official answer and possible the Official Explanation.

Posting a question in quant section

As you know we do have 5 types of quant questions during our GRE exam

Quantitative Comparison

The question looks like this

quant1.jpg [ 47.8 KiB | Viewed 221 times ]

Then, the code behind the question is quite simple.

quant2.jpg [ 26.39 KiB | Viewed 221 times ]

As you can see inside the paranthesis you can use the code to create a fraction, root and so forth. Notice, also, that the two parenthesis must be touched. NO space in between the first one and the second

And most important of the two tags are the second one, via which you can have quantity one and two. Of course, you can write by yourself the tags or they are just collocated upon every post you are going to create


Notice the tag [quanity]( quantity A goes here )( quantity B goes here) [/quantity] between [header3] and [spoiler]

Multiple-choice Questions — Select One Answer Choice

The question looks like this


Creating a question under this sub-forum is quite easy: the format is simple, and you should choose only one answer choice. Pretty straightforward.

Multiple-choice Questions — Select One or More Answer Choices

It is pretty much the same the previous one with the only twist that you must choose one or more answer choices, even all the ball park. Under this light, at the moment we are working to implement a tiny but useful feature that will permit to choose more than one answer as OA. For th moment, you should use the tag [spoiler].


Following, there is an example how to format it


Numeric Entry Question

You will find a square in which you must insert some sort of datum: a number, a fraction, and so forth. Here is how the question formatted should look like


Once again, we are going to implement a tag thanks to which you can generate the square in one second. For now, just leave the question blank, only the question.

Data Interpretation Sets

The question looks like this shot below


Now you should us or our resident tool, i.e. when you are going to create a new one post you can upload the image related to the question, here on the board


OR us an external website such as and copy and paste here the bb-code of the image that they provide you. The images hosting I mentioned is completely free and also no registration is needed.

That say, do not hesitate to send me a PVT, asking whatever you need in this regard or else.

Hope this helps


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Update the coding for creating quantity A and B
QQ - How to Post a GRE question_The Easy way   [#permalink] 16 Jul 2016, 06:45
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QQ - How to Post a GRE question_The Easy way

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