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PLS GRADE MY ISSUE AWA GRE [#permalink] New post 21 Dec 2017, 01:42
Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education.

Competition is becoming unavoidable in today’s society to achieve any professional goals. Children right from the age of 12 years are compelled to enter into the rat race to achieve the so called "success". Grades have become a parameter based on which students excellence is judged, rather its importance has reached to the extent that it even measures your value in the society as an individual. Nevertheless, is it even possible to get admitted to a top university without good grades? In the present scenario, competition for grades helps the students at large to take a smooth path to develop a good career in life.

Grades have become one of the most important source for motivation to do well in studies, from school days itself. My personal experience is a compelling example for this. Till about 9th grade, I used to completely slack off at school and was least bothered about grades--it was just go to school play with friends and enjoy. Until, for the parents teacher meet after the finals I was mocked at by the teachers in front of my parents and the whole class for my low grades. Eventually, this incidence struck me hard and I started working hard towards the top grade. Consequently, I was able to secure an admission for my undergrad studies at the best university in my state , because of my good grades in 12th standard. Yet, one could argue that, motivating students for grades puts too much peer pressure on kids and causes cases of depression. Still, it is not something that can be generalised, it depends on the individual, on how far should he strive using this motivation for grades. So, compelling students to earn good grades has an overall positive impact, especially in today’s scenario where the teenagers are lost in the life of comfort and technology.

Moreover, it cannot be claimed that at all levels grades degrade the quality of learning. As illustrated with my example in the last paragraph, grades at crucial at high school level. But, the importance of grades is far more less at university level college education. Since, students at this level are mature enough to choose their own paths to excel in professional life. It allows them to have more freedom to think out of the box. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg did not have good grades at Harvard, in fact he was a dropout, yet, he is currently one of the richest person in the world.

However, enforcing children to struggle for grades at early life could affect the development of a curious and creative mind. Competition is a necessary evil, thereby, parents should give it importance, but, to an extent depending on the character and personality of their children. Albert Einstein did not have good grades at school, yet he is the pioneer for setting up theories that govern the fabric of nature of space and time. Although, it does not mean that there was no competition for grades in his school. Children who were more interested towards grades and school education went forward on that path. Still, this did not affect young Einstein, he pursued a path based on his will, a creative path. So, this example illustrates that competition for grades does not necessarily hinder the children who set for path of innovation and creativity.

To sum up, competition for grades has compels the students to learn and improve themselves, especially till high school level. The quality of learning is a perspective depending on the individual, which is not directly hindered by the race for grades. Students gain the chance to pursue their interest at any depth without bothering about grades after getting into top universities, with good grades till high school.
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Re: PLS GRADE MY ISSUE AWA GRE [#permalink] New post 25 Dec 2017, 19:25
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The issue should be improved with a better construction. There is not a clear position if you agree or not, based on what the statement asserts.

See here for reference ... -3426.html


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Re: PLS GRADE MY ISSUE AWA GRE   [#permalink] 25 Dec 2017, 19:25
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