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Please review my issue essay

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Please review my issue essay [#permalink] New post 08 Aug 2018, 18:39
Q. A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum
until they enter college.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with
the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most
compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

The development of the nation, to great extent, depends on the youth of the nation, who are students at some stage of their life. In order to make the students capable of fulfilling their duties towards the nation, the nation should mold them properly and equally. So, it's the duty of the nation to make sure that all the students need to study the same curriculum in every schools throughout the nation.
The students studying in school are not fully matured. They are like a dough that can be shaped into any desired shape. If the dough is molded properly, it can result in attractive shape otherwise an ugly one. So are the students: if they are taught properly and efficiently, they can be made a great asset to the nation. At early age, most of the students are not capable of thinking what is wrong or right for them. Similarly, they are not able to decide what they want to be in the future or don't able to figure out what they are capable of. For example, if a child is asked about his/her aim, the answer might, for instance, be a doctor, but if the same child is asked the same question some days later, the answer will be different. The students should be taught a broad range of subjects, for, the students of early age are not able to think properly.
There needs to be a feeling of cooperation among the students which will lead to national unity. If the students are taught different curriculum, the students might not share their feelings with each other as there might not be common threads in their study. But if all the students are taught same curriculum, there will be a lot of common threads, the sutdents can perform group study and they can develop new ideas about how to solve a particular problem. Moreover, this will delevop a felling of friendship and a love towards the each other as well as the nation as they will learn a lot about their nation.
Although some might argue that the students, in their college at least, will not study all the subjects that are taught at elementary school. They will only imbibe their subject of interst so why to give them extra burden of studying all the subjects whcih includes the subjects out of their field of interest. But they overlook the fact that studying differnet subjects broadens the skills and minds of the students. They have a global view rather having a parochial view. Studying different subjects develop differnet intellectual as well as interpersonal skills.
In order to develop the feeling of freindship and love for the nation along with differnet interpersonal and intellectual skills a nation should make sure that all the studnets of the nation study the same curriculum throughout the nation despite the fact that some of the subjects might not be so interesting for some students. Not only will this produce a quality product for the nation, but it will also make the children ready for differnet situations in their life.
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Re: Please review my issue essay [#permalink] New post 13 Aug 2018, 05:44
I like your reasons and support your view. Nice essay! As I have a good imagination, writing tasks are my favorite. I have not taken my GRE yet but I’m preparing for it with Answershark (cause and effect essay outline), Magoosh and Greprepclub forum also
Re: Please review my issue essay   [#permalink] 13 Aug 2018, 05:44
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Please review my issue essay

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