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Please Grade this Issue Task

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Please Grade this Issue Task [#permalink] New post 15 Apr 2018, 06:57
Scandals are useful because they focus our attention on problems in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could.

In this world full of sugar-coated speeches and empty smiles, scandals are the devious ways which often bring out the truth of events which have been occurring since years or maybe decades. According to lexicons, scandals are acts which are morally wrong or against the law which unleash public outrage. Considering the bigger picture, scandals are the born out of immoral acts and are not useful to focus our attention on problems of the society. Scandals lead to bigger problems than they bring focus to.
Speakers and reformers advocate for the public good. They are the motivation of many and help maintain harmony in the society. In the strive to spread positive values and vibes, scandals work absolutely against this ideology. They unleash public rage and hinder quotidian life. Students often go on strikes after scandals gain the limelight. Shops and factories are closed down temporarily. A single scandal can disrupt the entire normal functioning of the society. People fail to trust the present system of Government at times which is a state of emergency for the nation. To lose faith in the Government that the people had voted for is detrimental as it will impede progress of the nation as a whole. Individuals who were once revered and treated as role-models are often involved in such scandals. This leaves an indelible mark on youngsters. Teenagers often need motivation to work and a role model to believe in. When their role models are involved in immoral acts, they start questioning the fundamentals and duties of a human being. All-in-all, scandals lead to questioning of the moral and ethical values which men and women are ought to follow without any exemption. For example, consider the President of a nation wins the elections with the main propaganda that he or she is determined to eradicate corruption from the face of the nation. Later, it is brought to light that the President has been involved in a scandal involving a sum of 100 million dollars. This will cause the opposition to stand up against the present system along with the people of the nation in the eyes of who he or she has failed.
Chain reactions are not only confined to Nuclear Fission reactions in Chemistry but also caused when a scandal is brought to light. It has been observed that one scandal which surfaces has many heads like the Hydra. Over time, it spreads it roots deep into the system and society. Thus an initial scandal leads to many more eventually and involves many people weakened by cupidity or love for power. Many innocent but talented individuals who have faint idea about the scandal are also pulled into this web of scandals who finally turn out to be evil masterminds when they could have been using their skills for the good of the society. For instance, a graduate in Computer Science Engineering might be interested in projects of Data Science and Analysis. Oblivious to the kind of data he or she is working with might in the end produce successful results which will be of paramount importance to the gang involved in the scandal. They might try to hire the Engineer for full-time and if he or she agrees to join without checking their background then the person will unknowingly in the beginning but eventually might give in to work out devious ways to add more to the scandal. All-in-all, one scandal leads to several other more which compound the amount of problems in the society.
Scandals can often give an unambiguous picture about the real scenario of the people in power. The public outrage will be admonitory to the individuals who will hold these positions in the future.
Scandals are acts which cause the naïve general public to feel wronged. To wrong the people who we are supposed to serve is a crime which is beyond punishment. Thus a scandal is not something which a society ever wishes to face.
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Re: Please Grade this Issue Task [#permalink] New post 15 Apr 2018, 10:43
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honestly, your English writing is good but the way you unfold the AWA is almost out of scope.

You do not set clearly why which is which. Neither you set it into paragraphs not is a consistent way

Look here for improvements ... -3426.html

Ask for further assistance.


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Re: Please Grade this Issue Task   [#permalink] 15 Apr 2018, 10:43
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Please Grade this Issue Task

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