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Please Grade my GRE ISSUE tasl essay

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Please Grade my GRE ISSUE tasl essay [#permalink] New post 08 Feb 2018, 06:44
GRE issue task essay.

As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

Although technology is a result of unfettered human imagination and thinking, the claim made by above statement creates a negative connection between both. In this time of forever our human lives depend on technology and people need technology for each and every work they have to do. May it be transportation, Large and complex computations, knowledge search, Health issues and medical care or may it be an action, as simple as cooking food, we do need technology. Our lives have been revolutionized since past decades because of technology. The reliance on technology has dramatically increased after the turning of 19th century and it is a question of great importance that if technology is a Boone or a bane.
To analyze the statement lets first discus what is meant by the part of the statement “the ability of mankind to think about them”. To what does this statement declare? What is meant ability to think? It may be the ability of critical thinking, analytical reasoning or brain storming skills. Technology was supposed to make human lives easier and did not mean to preclude us from using our creativity and thinking capabilities. For example Calculator was invented to perform complex or large calculations but most often people rely on it so much they don’t even do the simplest calculations themselves which might decline their thinking abilities. This shows reliance on technology has some bad effects on peoples’ thinking capabilities but it is worth noting that it is the human at fault and not the technology. It’s how we use technology and not the other way round.
Technology has no doubt solved many problems may they be health developments or inventing fastest transportation, technology has made our lives easier. On the contrary it has also gave way to certain global problems that humanity has to strive to solve which has increased the need of more innovation and thinking. For example because of proliferation of automobiles has increased energy demands in the market and also have given rise to global warming. Considering these issues created by technology we can infer that technology sure has certain detrimental outcomes which can also get multiplied in future. Although these problems are an outcome of technology but it is also true that these problems cannot be solved without further ado in the field or technology. Plantation can be done more efficiently and faster with latest methods and energy can be utilized more efficiently and can be generated from crudes. This also gives way to technology again hence it can be said that there is no going back and technology needs to be embraced and this again leads us to more thinking to be done by humanity and thus leading them to doing some thinking about their planet and about themselves.
20th century has witnessed complete eradication of smallpox, a disease that has ravaged entire human race since prehistoric times. This Research and work of great thought and contemplation was only possible with the help of technology. Technology gives a way to more informed lifestyles and digital revolution helps us all interact and think for the betterment of humanity. Hence it can be concluded that Technology does not deteriorate human thinking abilities but it shifts its abilities to think differently and innovatively.
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Re: Please Grade my GRE ISSUE tasl essay [#permalink] New post 19 Feb 2018, 01:28
Expert's post
The way the essay is formatted is no very clear.

However, it is pretty decent. 4.5/5.0 at most.

See here for improvements ... -3426.html


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Re: Please Grade my GRE ISSUE tasl essay   [#permalink] 19 Feb 2018, 01:28
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Please Grade my GRE ISSUE tasl essay

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