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need genuine review for my issue essay 1

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need genuine review for my issue essay 1 [#permalink] New post 22 Aug 2017, 02:46
College Students pursue the education in the same field in which they wanting to make a carrier.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

Primary role of education in anybody’s life is to nurture the knowledge and skills one possesses. Every individual is different and so is one’s ability and perceptions. Choosing the right course for college education is one of the most decisive step in one’s career. Choosing course only base on the job opening will be truly injustice to individual ability and skill one has. Because of distinct individuality one should choose ,field of study based on their ability not on the base of job availability .

The function of education is to teach one think intensively and to think critically.If any one choses field of study on the bases of employment availability without having interest , one would not able to think critically,any may lack in skills and knowledge one possesses.Ultimetly, he might end up with having no or less important job for oneself.Even if, one gets succeed in securing good job chances of the growth and success if limited.For instance, One person who is good at maths and logical thinking is good for engineering, If same person chooses to go for medicine,it would be industrious and hectic even from the first year,and one might endup with having nothing.Any disinterested student lack in competition at every stage of his carrier,this kind of inferiority can harm the psychology on oneself.

Secondly, Giving that much time to study particular think without interest is absolute waste of time and money.Because end of the acedemics one might be holding a degree but not having required knowledge.Instead,If he give that much time to the field he likes and to the field in which one is good at ,probability of his success is more.At end of the day person may have less paying job or an unorthodox work but one’s commitment and determination pays off. For ,example if one person wanting to be the Piano artist instead chooses engineering and spends four year and pretty much amount at college one is less likely to successes ,instead one spends this time and money in the music industry one will have at least some kind of quality exeperiance and knowledge.So, having a Job does’t guarantee successful carrier,optimum utilization of time and resources is must for any success.

However,We should also consider the fact that, More jobs in the field means job for many persons means high probability of social security.Chossing the field of more job is also beneficial for the lower class of the society to improve their social security index.One should at least earn amount for the basic necessity and comfort for oneself afte than they can opt to choose one’s field of interest.

Finally,It is more important for any one to feel satisfied and happy with their work.Every individual is different and so the one’s choices are,so they choose according with proper planning and not only because of the job availability.
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Re: need genuine review for my issue essay 1 [#permalink] New post 26 Aug 2017, 00:51
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The essay is fairly good: well written and consistent.

However, it is short in my opinion. Words and sentences well-organized count. See my guide here. what I mean: how long should my essay


Also see the responses given on the ETS website ... _responses

Hope this helps

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Re: need genuine review for my issue essay 1   [#permalink] 26 Aug 2017, 00:51
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need genuine review for my issue essay 1

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