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My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE?

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My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE? [#permalink] New post 16 Feb 2018, 11:12
Hi fellow members,

You have all provided me with some valuable tips and suggestions that have helped me in taking important decisions. Today I seek guidance from all of you once more.

When I scored 560 (Q44 V26) in my third attempt back in November 2017, I asked my peers, colleagues and you guys about what step should I take next. The general consensus was, and I also agreed with it, that I should not throw in the towel and go for the 4th attempt, especially because since my quant score was low and I needed to improve it. So I made mental maps for SC, CR, RC by combining all the materials and lessons that I have acquired from studying with almost all of the GMAT prep firms: Empower GMAT (3 months), The Economist (3 months), E-gmat (6 months), and Manhattan. For Quant, I decided to trust one more prep firm, since I didn't have a good experience with any of the online prep courses that I have listed above, for my 4th attempt. So I decided to try out Math-Revolution and believe me this was the best course that has helped me tremendously as I scored 46 in quant in my 4th attempt. But however, my score dropped by 10 points. I ended up scoring 550 (Q46, V20).

Now I have been preparing for the GMAT for 2 years and I have tried all the courses. For my first, I studied with the Economist. For my second attempt, I studied with Empower GMAT, for third I studied with E-gmat (for verbal) and Manhattan (for quant). And for the fourth attempt, I continued my verbal prep with E-gmat (since I managed to pick my verbal score from V19 in 2nd attempt to V26 in 3rd attempt) and enrolled in Math-Revolution course for quant. I have practiced Mock exams over and over again: Official GMAT prep exam packs, Manhattan 6 exams and Kaplan exams. In fact while I was practicing mock tests for my 4th attempt, I did manage to score from 640-710, believe it or not. But obviously I have to pause at least 4 times per each section in the mock couple of times to rest my eyes and calm my mind.

Now, I feel that I simply don't have what it takes to ace the GMAT. Even 600+ would have been a decent score I can't even cross 590 bar. I have spent 2 years trying to ace the GMAT but I can no longer waste any more time. I need to apply to good business at some stage. I need to move on.

So my dear friends, what shall I do now. The schools that I want to apply to are UBC, Cornell, Mannheim, Carnegie Mellon, HHL Leipzig, HEC, Bocconi, Kelly, IMD.

My questions are:

1) If I am not destined to get admitted to any good MBA program, with good future returns, with that awful score, can I apply to these school's specialized business programs?

2) Can I apply for specialized business programs, such as entrepreneurship, global business, masters in management offered by these schools now and in the mean time I can prepare for GRE?

3) Do I even consider taking the GRE test?

4) How much time does it take to prepare for the GRE, given that I have already spent 2 years preparing for GMAT and given the fact that GRE's quant is easier that GMAT's and I have recently scored 46 in GMAT quant.

My overall goal is to do an MBA from top school but with these scores i need to put those goals aside. What are logical steps that I need to take? I wanted to apply in the third round for European and Canadian Universities.

Please help me,

your fellow member in distress,
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Re: My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE? [#permalink] New post 01 Mar 2018, 09:06
Would you consider an evening MBA program or part-time one? For example, schools like University of Chicago have one and the part-time program is MUCH easier to get into.
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Re: My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE? [#permalink] New post 17 Mar 2018, 12:27
Don't apply third round, that is usually the most difficult round to get into. I can't speak much on the GMAT as I've never taken nor studied for it, but the GRE can be an effective way to get into business school.

I've spent months on the GRE, but hopefully that time you put into the GMAT would mean you're not starting from ground zero. I would take some time and take a practice GRE test and see how you do. If you score in the 310s, I would then focus my efforts on the GRE entirely and aim for the 320s.
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Re: My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE? [#permalink] New post 18 Mar 2018, 01:23
Expert's post

starting from what we do know: you made a huge effort for overcoming the test at the best. Moreover, you have taken the best courses out there, actually.

However, if you have Einstein as a teacher, then does not mean you will be the best physic scientist. In my experience of over 7 years on gmatclub the answer for a stagnant score, especially after four attempts, is almost never in a course.

Did you have:
  • an error log
  • did you stick your strength areas and relative weak
  • did use external sources to improve your English skills to tackle the verbal part of the test
  • did you try different strategies to tackle the quant side: for instance, attaching the question with strategy bottom-up and not only top down. Usually, the students think one way
  • why during the test day your score is lower than you expect: nervous, the wrong choice of the sections - you could choose verbal as first. Most of the students think that quant is the key to a top score and this is false. Up to 740 if you pick some quant question wrong but the verbal side is almost perfect, in this is the real reason for a stellar score. As it turns out, we talk and express via words, not math symbols. For a score above 750 you need to score almost perfectly in both sections

Questions like these are paramount in your preparation. And please stop to talk about "the gmat is not in my destiny" is silly.

I am not waste time to write an essay on this
For the quant side back to the roots and study the gmatclub math book. The only source you need
Then practice with all the questions by Bunuel gathered by me ... 70062.html and all the official questions ... 87679.html

For verbal see the CR both theory and practice best resources on gmatclub ... 95437.html at the bottom you do have the links for RC and SC.

As for the GRE: if you are good at math on the GMAT for the GRE is the same and easier. So you should be fine. For verbal on GRE is another story.

Hope this helps.


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Re: My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE? [#permalink] New post 03 Apr 2018, 04:30
This post received
Also it would depend upon the career goals. From my research, consulting and finance companies take into consideration your GMAT score when hiring. I doubt if they consider GRE equally. It would be great if someone with information on this could respond.. If you are looking to specialize in some other sector, it should be fine to just get into college of your choice using other strengths you have..
Re: My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE?   [#permalink] 03 Apr 2018, 04:30
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My 4th GMAT attempt and still 550. Shall I shift to GRE?

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