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mopeds rental in Balmer Island

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mopeds rental in Balmer Island [#permalink] New post 02 Jul 2018, 06:38
Hi guys, would you mind rating my essay? Any suggestions to my essay will also be much appreciated :)

The following appeared in a letter to the editor of the Balmer Island Gazette.
"On Balmer Island, where mopeds sere as a popular form of transportation, the population increases to 100,000 during the summer months. To reduce the number of accidents involving mopeds and pedestrians, the town council of Balmer Island should limit the number of mopeds rented by the island's moped rental companies from 50 per day to 25 per day during the summer season. By limiting the number of rentals, the town council will attain the 50 percent annual reduction in moped accidents that was achieved last year on the neighboring island of Seaville, when Seaville's town council enforced similar limits on moped rentals."

The author suggests the Balmer Island government to limit moped rental per day by 50 percent. By doing so, Balmer Island is claimed to have 50 percent in reduction of moped accidents. The argument concludes that based on the premise that Seaville has the same effect from regulating the same maximum amount moped rentals. The conclusion relies on assumptions for which there is no real evidence. Hence, the author needs to address some questions about its possible flaws before actually putting the recommendation into action.

First of all, the government needs to ask whether the number of moped rental companies will also be limited. If this aspect is not noticed heedly, there might be a bunch of new rental companies occurs in Balmer Island, each of them rents only 25 mopeds per day. If this is the case, the total amount of mopeds rented throughout Balmer Island can be much more than ever. The risk of getting into moped causalities will be even higher.

Secondly, the government also needs to evaluate the causes of the accidents. Mopeds perhaps is only a minor factor after all. It could be there is no clear road sign for pedestrians and mopeds users which cost mopeds accidents. Had this been true, than an attempt to reduce moped rentals can be seen as a trivial strategy.

Finally, the argument needs to ensure that Seaville's condition matches perfectly with that of the Balmer Island. Int the argument, the author seems optimistic with the results from preventing rental just because Seaville, another place, already succeed with promising effects. However, the handling and monitoring of the regulation by each governmental body can give a totally different results. If the Balmer Island's government is not willing to adopt the Seaville's strategy fully, than the effect might be different. Indeed, the Balmer Island's result might be even better than that of Seaville.

Before the government of Balmer Island promulgate the law, it needs to verify that no new rental companies will open. It also needs to address that moped are the major contributor to moped accidents and the situation in the Balmer Island is identical to that in the Seaville.
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Re: mopeds rental in Balmer Island [#permalink] New post 02 Jul 2018, 14:59
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Re: mopeds rental in Balmer Island [#permalink] New post 20 May 2019, 20:01
Hi please feel free to critique my response below:

The author of the letter to the editor of the Balmer Island Gazette assumes that the number of accidents involving mopeds and pedestrians on Balmer Island will reduce if the number of mopeds rented by the island’s moped rental companies are limited. The author extrapolates this conclusion based on similar results achieved on the neighboring island of Seaville when the town council enforced similar limits on moped rentals. However, the comparison drawn by the author between the two islands is not supported by any evidence of similarity that might exist between the two islands to fully substantiate this assumption.
The author strongly believes limiting the number of mopeds rented will reduce the accidents involving mopeds and pedestrians. However, there is no data on how many rented mopeds are actually involved in accidents. Maybe out of 20 rented mopeds, only 3 are involved in accidents. This is a very small sample size to warrant for a reduction in the number of rented mopeds to half the number. It is possible that the accidents are caused by the carelessness of pedestrians or the traffic signs and rules are ambiguous for the tourists who visit the island during summertime. Maybe there is a need for stricter rules pertaining to the evaluation of driver’s licenses of the people renting the mopeds. Thus, if the traffic signs are confusing, the pedestrians are careless and the rented moped drivers have poor driving skills; accidents might still occur. Hence, in any of the above mentioned cases the recommendation made by the author of reducing the number of rented mopeds doesn’t seem logical.
The author also draws a comparison between the two islands of Balmer and Seaville without providing the proper details for analogy. No numbers regarding the total number of accidents before and after the law enforcement is provided that will help determine whether the reduction was actually 50 percent or not. Also, the population of both islands is not provided, so how can a 50 percent reduction of accidents in Seaville equal the same in Balmer. The data referred by the author is of last year, it could be possible that the data changed this year.
Thus, the author’s recommendation of reducing the number of rented mopeds as done by the town council of Seaville seems loosely based on non-factual assumptions. In its present form, the given recommendation seems unconvincing due to lack of evidence to support its claim.
Re: mopeds rental in Balmer Island   [#permalink] 20 May 2019, 20:01
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mopeds rental in Balmer Island

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