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Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay

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Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay [#permalink] New post 16 Aug 2017, 07:57
Mass media and the internet have caused people’s attention spans to get shorter. However, the overall effect has been positive: while people are less able to focus on one thing, they more than make up for it with an enhanced ability to sort through large quantities of information and find what’s important.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

Communication is the means of exchange of ideas and information necessary to enhance one's knowledge regarding the worldly affairs. Indeed, mass media and internet have played an important role in this respect to a huge extent over the decades. While it is claimed that these two discoveries have caused people's attention spans to get shorter but their numerous positive effects cannot be neglected at all. Providing with a profusion of information of helps mankind to scan through the same and derive what can be considered a desideratum for oneself. Therefore, the advantage of access to various innumerable sources of information more than compensates for the reduction in focus on one thing.
Earlier, in an institution, before the existence of media and internet, the sources of information used to be the writings piled up in the library for one's reference. The students or scholars wishing to glean knowledge had to read through various books which definitely implies there is considerable wastage of time. But, the situation is different now. A research scholar could just simply browse through internet or more specifically "google" via internet connection available on one's laptop sitting in his hostel room and read through precisely what he wants to for conducting his research.
Moreover, this very portable device, laptop if connected to the word via internet can also look give access to various news channels if one wishes.A CEO of a company like Apple or Google or Microsoft must be abreast with the topical happenings in the world. This little device which is connected to the world gives this very important individual the latest information related to advancements in technology so that he could devise his company's growth strategy at real time.
While, few claim that availability of myriad of options to seek for informing oneself has made it difficult to derive the requisite. Just an additional ability to be able to segregate the required bit from the vast would help alleviate this problem of focus deduction.
Definitely, it can be seen that both these massive pits of information, the internet and mass media both combined have acted as an addendum to the ability of mankind to browse through all kinds of information available at a click of a button.
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Re: Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay [#permalink] New post 19 Aug 2017, 07:57
Expert's post
This is essay is not that bad but neither with consistency.

Se here how to structure the AWA and at the bottom a bunch of examples ... -3426.html


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Re: Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay [#permalink] New post 27 Dec 2017, 02:16
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Generally, it` good essay, but the last paragraph is rather a qualification than the conclusion, but it`s necessary too. So, make 2 and 3 paragraphs a little bit shorter and add concise conclusion at the end.

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Re: Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay [#permalink] New post 06 Oct 2018, 01:41
Please grade my response to this essay written below. Many thanks for the insights

It is true that mass media and internet may have taken a large amount of time in people's lives, thereby making available a large quantities of information to be available at disposal. This has made us more wary of accepting the information available to us by careful scrutiny.

The boom in the technology from late 20th century and the advent of internet has predisposed us with a humungous database of information. Not only we have zillions of bytes being consumed everyday via web, but also we have various other means to gather our information. Mass media, an ever involving field, has contributed significantly to satisfy the ever rising curiosities of day to day world. Whether it would to have a hygiene on political matters, or to spend time on E-commerce sites, both internet and media have played a key role in engaging mass communication and mass consumerism. But with this plethora of tasks ranging from gathering information to sorting them, we have been aware of the fact that it has also maintained or rather increased our ability to select on particular things. For example, a child who never had access to large library of books while dealing with a difficult subject has been able to scour through plenty of information via internet and yet arrive on the best of sources to build his focus and fundamentals. Similarly in the places where internet is still not available, mass media has given a lot of options to consumers , where they have been able to choose their favourite channels to gather the erudite information. This all shows that we may be focussing on most of the things initially, but at the end we are sorting through this large set and focussing on only what's rudimentary.

Backing up our claim on selective discard, is the very fact that we have been able to make distinctive and clear choices on the information we want to process through these mediums. For example a science scholar is more aware of following some particular literary articles on internet for his knowledge and similarly a home-maker is tuning to some particular shows to learn how to cook. While youtube has given us uncountable channels to follow, we are still subscribing to only a single few while making selective choices. The marketing by dish companies in many countries on 3-month, 6-month, 12- month packs, also have started incorporating strategies to provide its user the option of having only the selective channels based on either popularity or regionalism. This all proves that while there has been no dearth of the information available to general human being, they are still being selective on focussing on what their wants are.

As a ever-evolving species, we are always prone on making selective choices. Even when presented with a disparate choices, our minds have been capable enough to filtering out the less important information and retaining the ones we tend to associate ourselves more to. So while our focus has been shorter, but it has been incisive and cogent when it comes to doing the sorting. In all our instincts our growing up ,we have made clear choices in processing the information either coming from nature, or now for example, world wide web and mass media. We have been able to find out our best interests in political, socio-economic, literary, entertainment matters well by rummaging through the less important resources and landing our focus on best ones.

To thereby conclude, yes the overall effect has been indeed a positive one. Information will continue to grow as technology grows, and so does the caliber of human mind to divert focus on important things. Our interests will be the key factors in determining our focus and what we would want to invest our precious, time and resources in.
Re: Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay   [#permalink] 06 Oct 2018, 01:41
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Kindly provide for GRE Issue Essay

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