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How to Improve Your GRE Score+10 Tips to Improve Your Score

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How to Improve Your GRE Score+10 Tips to Improve Your Score [#permalink] New post 06 Jul 2020, 15:30
Expert's post
How to Improve Your GRE Score + 10 Tips to Improve Your Score & App With NO Extra Studying

How to Improve Your GRE Score is probably the cornerstone or in other words the curse of every student. After all, the GRE range from 130 (the minimum score ) to 170 and everyone falls in this range, being him or her a novice or an expert or a navigate tutor with 15 years of experience.

So many factors play into this question, including where you start, how much you study, and how you study.

GRE Score Factor #1: Where's your beginning stage?

It's simpler to pick up focuses from a lower beginning stage than from a higher beginning stage. At the end of the day, it will be harder for an individual to move from 160 to 170 than for an individual to move from 150 to 160.

You can consider it along these lines: When you're beginning from a lower score, there are a lot more open doors for you to snatch focuses—you can look over substance (for instance, polynomial math or geometry) and you can learn GRE test methodologies. When you review the Pythagorean Theorem and rules about extraordinary triangles, notwithstanding, you can't do it once more—there's just so much math content you can audit and relearn so as to build your score. The closer you get to an ideal score, the less ways to arrive.

In addition, individuals scoring more than 160 will in general be missing more enthusiastically questions. These inquiries are hard in light of the fact that they're intended to be hard—huge exploration has gone into making them hard to answer accurately. When you're crawling up to the 95th+ percentile, you're working at the most elevated level to increase even a solitary point.

GRE score Factor #2 Stick to a study schedule

The most significant thing you can do to raise your GRE score is to set an investigation timetable and stick to it. To assist you with portraying out your examination plan, you first need to choose when you should take the GRE and select your GRE test date.

Working in reverse from that test date, you can draw out your examination plan focus on at any rate two months to consider. Making an investigation plan permits you to organize the GRE and guarantee you have enough time throughout the following a few months to contemplate a couple of hours daily.

Without an investigation plan, it's anything but difficult to get overpowered by all the GRE materials you have to learn or avoid a couple of long stretches of concentrating to go on that off the cuff outing to the seashore. You'll have to lock in for a few months (or calendar around that long end of the week in the mountains) to see a bounce in your GRE score.

Here a robust study plan GRE Study Plan 2020 Edition

GRE Score Factor #3: How much do you study?

A dependable guideline is that for each five-point score gain, you have to consider 40 hours. Under this recipe, for a ten-point gain, you'd need to examine 80 hours, etc. I don't feel good supporting this recipe given how wide conditions and beginning stages fluctuate from individual to individual, yet I do concur that it's critical to hope to need to place in the work to pick up focuses. Not many individuals concentrate for a solitary end of the week and get a ten-point increment. The longer the period of time you have to study the better, and regular, small increments add up.

GRE Score Factor #4: How Effective Your Study Methods Are ?

How you study will likewise influence how rapidly and the amount you raise your GRE scores. In the event that your prep incorporates considering that objectives and revises your shortcomings, at that point that will get you the upgrades you need to see a lot quicker than an increasingly aloof investigation strategy, for example, simply perusing old fashioned notes. I'll go over certain tips to improve your investigation strategies in the accompanying area.

GRE Score Factor #5: Take Practice Tests and loads/tons of practice questions

Some GRE takers regularly overlook the GRE Practice Tests since they trust it is an exercise in futility. There are a rare sorts of people who might even say it won't be composed like a genuine test.

Practice GRE Tests are really useful when you are going for the test. In the event that you utilize licensed commentators, there will be a training GRE Test remembered for it to enable you to get ready.

At the point when you study, exploit these counterfeit tests and perceive how well you did. In the event that your score isn't acceptable, take a gander at the issues you committed an error and amend your audit. Attempt to do however many false tests as could be expected under the circumstances and set yourself in opposition to the given test time.

greprepclub tests and GRE Quant Challenge Questions Daily - NEW EDITION! are an excellent starting point

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Joined: 18 Apr 2015
Posts: 13310
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CAT Tests
Re: How to Improve Your GRE Score+10 Tips to Improve Your Score [#permalink] New post 06 Jul 2020, 15:35
Expert's post
1. ALWAYS take full length practice tests

Always take the full 30 minutes on the AWA and IR. If you never practice the essays, the last hour of the actual test will be torture. Plus, your score on that test will not be representative of your actual score. You just cheated, skipped the AWA. Are you going to do that on test day? I sure hope not, becuase there is no situation where that makes sense.

2. Don't forget the AWA and test day photo

Did you know that if requested the schools you've selected to see your scores can also read your essays and see your test day photo? Although I would assume it would be rare, consider what you're writing in your essays and how you look on test day. From the sholders up you should try to at least look decent. Also, make sure your essays don't hit any topics that could be looked at negatively if read by an Adcom.

3. Try to study in 1-2 hour chunks with 8 minute breaks

Studying in this fashion will help mold your work into a test day environment. On Sat and Sun I would study 5-6 hours with 1.5 hour chunks and 8 minute breaks. Stamina went through the roof! Increasing stamina can be the one area, if overlooked, that can affect even the most prepared of test takers.

4. Wear earplugs while studying and on test day

This is a key componant many forget: On test day you have a room full of other people! You're not going to be in your mom's quite basement with a 40 inch computer monitor (great visual! haha). All these people will be going in and out of the room, all on different test schedules than you. Buy some earplugs and wear them during your practice tests and study sessions. Get used to what it feels like, sounds like, to have them in. DON'T take them out during the real test day breaks. It is in your best interest to not hear anything around you, and only care about what you need to do. Think tunnel vision, with a 700+ at the end of that tunnel

5. During breaks get the blood moving

Jump around, move your legs, arms, hands, stretch out your muscles, do some push ups. I know this might feel weird, but go the bathroom on ALL breaks and before your test, do all of these exercises and get the blood moving. It will rejuvinate you physically and mentally. Get your face up on the mirorr and say "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL THIS TEST". Then kick the door open, give the test proctor the double guns "what up" and a wink, and get back to your test.


Seriously, forget about it. Everybody tries to guess how they did, or feels like they did good or bad on the last section (especially quant). First, IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. Your score is in the books and on a CAT test there is no way to really know how you did. Second, the verbal section is the biggest opportunity on the test to drive your score! FREAKING FORGET ABOUT IT! I've tried "guessing" how I did on a section and it doesn't matter, it's a stamina killer, and you're usually wrong. On test day I felt good on the Quant, and thought I blew the verbal. Go figure that it was the exact opposite. Buuut, my high verbal drove my overall score over 700. How many times have you read on these forums about how something got into someone's head, and they felt it affected their performance? Well, when i read that, it makes me think they are not mentally strong. When you are mentally strong, you force those thoughts out of your head, and move onto the next question... your next opportunity to take your score to the next level.

7. Don't forget about the last 5-10 verbal

I know, i know, you're ready to see your score right???? It can be hard to concentrate, but you have to. Do you want to see a 650 or a 700? Every problem is an opportunity to score big points. If you can string 5 correct answers at the end instead of missing all five, I wouldn't doubt that it could be a 50-100 point difference on test day. It is easy to click submit though when you just want to see your score. Don't miss this opportunity to put the GMAT behind you forever. Really practice this on your practice tests. Take that extra 10 seconds like you did on the first 30 verbal and get the answer right.

8. Visit the testing center before your test

Some of you may live 100s of miles from testing centers, so you may have an argument for not visiting the testing center. But for everyone else, you have NO reason not to check it out. This may be one of the most overlooked opportunities to familiarize yourself with your testing environment. People go to great lengths to have great practice tests. Why wouldn't they check out the center? I would go in, meet the lady at the front desk, ask her about your test and anything important you should know. On test day, the proctor might even remember you and put you at the best seat in the house. You never know! But wouldn't you want that advantage? Plus, you'll know how to get there, you'll know where the bathrooms are, and there will be so many intangible advantages gained by this trip.

9. Know exactly what you're going to eat and drink on test day

You should litterally know exactly what you are going to eat, how much you are going to drink, and how long it will take you. I had it down to a science. I knew what I was going to have for breakfast and how much I would drink with that meal and how long before I had to use the restroom. I practiced on all of my practice tests also. During the breaks I limited myself to only 4 oz of water, knowing that I would not get the urge in the middle of the test. You need to know your body, so that none of these factors distract you on test day. For example, if you've never worn earplugs and decided not to eat the morning of your test, then you're going to hear you stomach rumpling like thunder inside your body. You need to know how you're going to react to EVERYTHING.

10. Leave your cell phone and notes in the car

While this doesn't gain you any points on test day, it will keep you from making the most common and most serious test taking mistake. If you get caught with notes or a cell phone during the test, regardless if you are using them, you can be dismissed and have a "P" for policy violation put on your score report. You will lose your $250, and have to wait to take the test again. Plus you will have to deal with this on your score report, and explain to adcoms that you don't follow directions. Don't be one of these people.

11. Learn how to use a scratch pad, and how to use it to the best of your advantage on testday

So many of you may not know this, but you are not allowed to use pen or paper on test day. No pen and paper you say!? Yes, the GMAT uses what is called a scratch pad. It is basically a legal (11x14 inch) laminated dry erase booklet with a wet erase pen. I recommend that all of you purchase onet. There are many out there, but this is the one I purchased: MGMAT Scratch Pad. If you've never practiced on a scratch pad it will be a huge disadvantage. There are many differences to pen and paper. Also, you will learn how much a quant section will take up, and you'll learn when you need to switch out pads on test day. I got a new pad after the AWA and Quant because I knew I would need every inch of it for quant (b/c I write large) and it really paid off on test day. You don't want to be searching around on the pad and looking for space. You will also learn that your finger is the eraser. If you make a mistake you will have to wipe it away with your finger, or cross out. Just do youself a favor, buy a scratch pad, and eliminate another test day variable.

12. Visualize test day success

This is a technique used by many world class athletes. Visualize your success on the big day. Imagine yourself getting every problem right, seeing questions you know, pumping your fist when you see your dream score, walking out of the test center and telling all your friends and family your success, and even writing you debrief on GMATclub. Seriously, the psychological effects of visualization can be profound in building confidence and keeping a clear mind. It's the self-fulfilling prophecy. When you are doing practice tests and on the big day, imagine seeing that score you want, pumping your fist, and saying goodbye to the GMAT forever. Using this technique could help give you that confidence boost to push you to the next level on test day!

13. Choose Your Test Time & Day to Set Yourself Up for Test Day Success

So are you a morning person? How is your test taking ability on Saturday? Can your brain function at 8:00am? These are alllll questions you should ask yourself when you sign up for the GMAT. You should not only be trying to figure out what time fits best in your schedule, but also what time works best for you mentally. The general advice for the BEST time for the MOST amount of people to take the test is on Monday morning. Either 8:00am or 9:00am depending on the testing center. This is because you have the whole weekend to relax/easy study, and then Monday your brain is usually prepared for the work week. This is the time I would suggest to anyone.

The funny thing is, most commonly Saturdays and Fridays are the first days to fill up! Why??? Because people don't want to miss work, and people want days that make sense in their work week. Try to forget about the days you work, and try to figure out when your brain works BEST. You should book this time regardless of what day it falls on because taking one day off of work is worth never having to take this test again! So book your test day and time to help give you the best shot to score your top score. Once you have this test date booked, try to take your practice tests on this day and time if possible, but if not, make sure to at least take practice tests on the same time of different days to get used to the timing.

After practicing many of these techniques, test day stamina and the environment should not be an issue. In fact, it could be a huge advantage. Imagine those 1000s of people, blowing their test, and remember that you're a GMAT dragon slayer. You are going to slay that dragon, while all the others are getting burned by its fire. Every time you use one of these techniques, your leaving 1000s of other test takers in your dust! There are so many unknowns that you can't control on test day, including the test, but all of these factors are within your control! Take advantage, and don't leave points on the table because you didn't. Plus, these don't require any extra studying, only correct studying.

Need Practice? 20 Free GRE Quant Tests available for free with 20 Kudos
GRE Prep Club Members of the Month: Each member of the month will get three months free access of GRE Prep Club tests.

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How to Improve Your GRE Score+10 Tips to Improve Your Score

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