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Hi all. Please give me a review of this AWA issue essay.

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Hi all. Please give me a review of this AWA issue essay. [#permalink] New post 09 Sep 2018, 18:53
TOPIC: The best way to teach is to praise the positive actions and ignore the negative ones.

Humans have a common tendency to make mistakes and as we grow, we evolve learning from them. In our course of journey, we are bound to make some errors and people who care for us often correct these. I believe for every positive action or deed of a friend or a family member, it is important to praise and motivate him or her in doing better. Therefore, I agree with the first part of the statement that praising positive actions is necessary and I believe that ignoring negative ones will never be apt. Our mistakes and negative action needs to be corrected because ignoring them will do more harm than good.

Firstly, the process of correction begins from early childhood. Parents and teachers need to correct their children whenever they make an error. It is a proven fact that the actions and things that we learn as a child will influence most of our habits in the future. For example, when I was a child, I loved my friend's pencil. It was new, attractive and glittery. I asked my parents to buy me one but they ignored my request. The next day I took her pencil and kept it in my box just to use it once. When my mother found it from my bag, she initially scolded me and later on, helped me in understanding why I was wrong. My mother could have taken the alternative step of scolding me and punishing me. Instead, she chose to guide me in the right direction. Sometimes to make children understand the severity of an offence, parents and teachers should not castigate them. Rather, they should guide them in showing the correct path.

Secondly, just pointing out the mistakes in an individual can make them feel depressed and demotivated. Therefore, I feel that praising them for their correct actions is as necessary as correcting them for their anomalous behavior. Even multinational companies offer incentives and bonus to motivate their employees. Students should be motivated for every little thing they do. For instance, our teachers at school used to give us special cards for being punctual, honest, sincere, academically strong regularity. Small efforts like these will help the children in performing better the next time and keep them focussed and motivated throughout even under extreme pressure.

Moreover, ignoring negative actions will never be an appropriate thing to do. We might think of ignoring trivial matters if it brings no harm in the future but serious errors in behavior needs correction from an early stage. It is of utmost importance for parents and teachers to monitor their children and keep a check on their behavior. Managers should keep a log of his/her employees and take corrective measures to improve their performance.

Thus, I believe that praising positive actions and correcting negative ones are necessary for the well being of every individual.
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Re: Hi all. Please give me a review of this AWA issue essay. [#permalink] New post 17 Sep 2018, 05:16
Please Rate my issue topic.

"People who work in the arts and humanities should earn less than those who work in the science and economics because the benefit of the arts and humanities to the population is less important than that of scientific or economic endeavors."
Arts and Humanities are the subject of the society form which the culture and status of the society are reflected. And, Science and Economics are also the subject of society which helps in development of the society to modernization. Some people may believe that arts and humanities field contribute less to the society than scientific or economic endeavors so people in arts and humanities should earn less than science or economic endeavors. However, I believe that there should not be such discrimination between such elements which are both essential for further development of a society; without anyone of those element, it affects the prosperity of the society.
Although initially it may be seemed scientific and economic sector plays a vital role in the society, but after deep analysis, it will be wrong to say scientific or economic field is superior to arts and humanities. For Example, if we consider great artist Leonardo Da Vinci, her singular painting made everyone astound. She has reflected the status and vision of her society in many of her painting, without which many research may not have been succeeded. Humanities also plays major role in the society. Like, people who work in humanities shares his/her knowledge with the public; Public will be aware about the object of Humanities like language which help in communicating throughout the world.
It does not mean to say that people working in scientific or economic endeavors should earn less. There should not be jaundiced eye for earning for juxtaposing any fields. But, earning should be ordered by comparing the efficiency and talent a person has or a contribution a person has given from respective fields. If people are judged or given salary on the basis of only fields then world will be better in certain field and worst in some fields which does not helps to bring prosperity in the society. Also the benefit of scientific, economic , arts and humanities are equal in every society because each has its own role to make the society more modernized and planned.
In conclusion, it is clear from the above examples and evidence that there should be no discrimination between the fields. However, there may be discrimination between the people by comparing the efficiency or talent the people has in the context of earning only.
Re: Hi all. Please give me a review of this AWA issue essay.   [#permalink] 17 Sep 2018, 05:16
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Hi all. Please give me a review of this AWA issue essay.

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