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GMAT Experience Posts Template

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GMAT Experience Posts Template [#permalink] New post 22 May 2014, 12:12
Expert's post
GRE Debrief:
The GRE debrief is a very important part of GREClub. Members learn a great deal from the test experience and insights of others. It will also help the community to provide you with recommendations if you are not satisfied with the result and plan on retaking. The debrief can also bring a sense of closure for the author, as well as some kudos points! Here are a few ideas to help you to recount your own personal GRE experience.

1. Gather your thoughts
The GRE will leave you emotionally and mentally exhausted. Take a moment to settle down and collect your thoughts, but don’t take too long or forget to post your debrief!

2. The Meat of the Debrief
Please include as much detail as possible - that makes the story very personable and interesting to read. Some suggestions to include are:
  • Books & materials used
  • Test scores you received along the way (your diagnostic test score, mid-point, comparison to your final performance, etc.)
  • Background information (education, employment, etc.)
  • Length of study
  • General strategy
  • If you have created notes or any kind of interesting or valuable resources, consider attaching them with your post.
  • If you found any interesting blogs or materials online, consider providing a link.
  • Words of Advice
    • Things you wish you knew
    • Things you have learned
    • Things you wasted your time on
    • Finally, your test experience

And be sure to offer some advice and product reviews for those still studying. You are the expert and perhaps thousands of people will read your debrief and will try to follow in your footsteps.

3. Organization
Try to present the information in a logical, easy-to-follow format. Use paragraph breaks for new topics or to divide big blocks of information. Also consider lists, as well as bold headings and different font sizes (such as Header2 and Header3 buttons we have). Correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation also help. For more help with formatting, see here.

4. Updates
Don’t forget to check your thread! Sometimes we forget to add a few things while first preparing the debrief. Don’t hesitate to edit your post. Interested members may also ask you a few questions; try to answer them.

Complaints and Frustration:
Sooner or later, we all become fed up with the GRE. Some express their problems on the forums and seek advice, while others simply need an outlet to vent their frustration. Either way, these posts are welcome on the forums. After all, members are here to help one another. But please consider the following while typing these posts.

1. Specifics
Please explain your problems with as much detail as possible. Include your study habits, length of study, and materials used. If you can, also describe the problem. If there’s anything else relevant to add, then please do so.

2. Language
Although our emotions can overwhelm us during these troubled times, try to avoid profanity. You’re much more likely to receive a prompt and helpful response this way.

3. Don’t stay too negative
Sometimes it really feels too difficult to see the bright side of things. This is especially true in the opening post. But try to be open-minded with replies. Remaining negative or curtly dismissing anyone’s attempt to help will only further alienate yourself and prevent you from achieving your goals.

My GRE Journey:
These threads are among the most interesting contributions on the forums. Indeed, mini-communities can form within these threads as well as many discussions independent of the original author! As such, managing this type of thread requires more commitment than the other two previously mentioned. It’s also more difficult to offer specific advice. Still, there are at least three things to keep in mind.

1. Update Regularly
While we certainly don’t demand a daily update, try to maintain a consistent schedule - this will hep you to stay on track as well and keep a schedule. Even if you have nothing major to post, it wouldn’t hurt to reply to comments or perhaps even ask questions of your own. Let followers know that you’re there.

2. Answer Questions
These threads are fascinating and attract a great deal of attention, so expect some questions. In fact, you may be bombarded by many questions! Try to answer them and encourage people as much as possible.

3. The End
As a courtesy to your followers, make sure to inform them your GRE journey is over. Also include your debrief or provide a link to it.

1. Read the post
Before commenting, make sure to read the whole post. Sometimes, the answer to your question is already provided.

If the debrief helps you in any way, make sure to thank the person and perhaps even award a kudos. People who spend the time to prepare an informative and interesting debrief deserve as much credit as we can give them.

3. Be polite
If you find a particular GRE Experience post incomplete or want further information, then point this out. But do so in a civil manner. Any rudeness will NOT be tolerated. This, by the way, is not a suggestion.

4. Padding of posts
Don't use debriefs for excessively padding your posts. Although there's no specific numerical guideline to follow, common sense should be enough. But perhaps an example will help clarify the matter: one recent member posted over 200 "congratulations!" replies in less than three hours. Don't do that.

Please keep in mind, though, that these tips are merely friendly suggestions and in no way are members required to adopt a specific standard for these threads. We want all members to be themselves, and anything that you contribute will be greatly appreciated. :)

My GRE Resources
Free GRE resources | GRE Prep Club Quant Tests
If you find this post helpful, please press the kudos button to let me know ! :)

GMAT Experience Posts Template   [#permalink] 22 May 2014, 12:12
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GMAT Experience Posts Template

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