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FREE GRE Practice Tests [Collection] - New Edition (2021)

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FREE GRE Practice Tests [Collection] - New Edition (2021) [#permalink] New post 14 Oct 2020, 10:25
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It is a truism to say that the students have to take a mock GRE before the real test date exam. Of course, for those who do not know what a mock exam (which is quite difficult to imagine) is, it is a test that mimics as close as possible the real GRE's test experience.

What I pointed out is not a banality: it is one of the vital aspects to score very well on the real test.TRUE. But in reality, there is more than that. In this guide, not only we are going to show you ALL the FREE GRE tests on the internet at disposable to the students, but also we will address one question yet fundamental which not so often the students ask themselves and not always neither the prep companies tell to the students.

Before delving into this crucial aspect, the FREE mock tests, and what they represent for who aim for a top GRE score, is also essential to answer the following question: How Many Practice Tests Should I Take Before the GRE? By doing so, we do have a complete view of the spectrum we have in mind and you have to know about it.

The number of Practice Tests Should I Take Before the GRE?

On one end of the spectrum, we do have who sustains the subsequent assessment (quote from a GRE website)

The more GRE practice tests they took before the actual test, the higher they scored on test day.

On the other end of the spectrum, we do have

I do not need any mock test to have a gauge of my abilities and skills in operation for the GRE.

Both are two overstatements, clearly. However, whereas the first scenario will NOT improve your score of a point up for several reasons, the second is also an improbable scenario , unless you are a genius at math such as Po-Shen Loh. In other words, the students do not fully grasp two simple things: how many practice tests should they have and why they take a practice test (official and/or unofficial)

On why I, we, the students take a mock test, the answer is a derivative of the two following reasons:

  • evaluation: what score I will get, for sure or as close as possible, during my exam. This point is cast regardless if you are at the beginning of your preparation or you are ready to go for the real exam: it always gives you where you stand in that precise moment

  • execution or practice: you want to test your skills in operation, i.e. you want to take a real feeling if you are able to solve a question: how much time you take to solve it, which strategy you are going to use if you do have in your toolbox several tools and option to nail the question faster and efficiently, and so forth.

Between the two factors above, the first one is probably the most important to assess HOW MANy mock tests you should perform.

Evaluation is a process through which you know if your score moves up or down, inherently; if the material you use is the correct to make signs of progress; if you are going down the right path, studying, or you, for instance, are studying and practice questions which are out of scope for the GRE: you practice with GMAT questions which are too difficult.
Another aspect to take into account in this scenario is whether you are taking too many mock tests or too a few.

In the first case, more tests can help you to remember concepts later on and to consolidate what you do already know. However, too many tests could kick of a downward spiral effect: think you get a test and get a much lower score than you were seeking after. Thus, you choose to take another training test the following day, wanting to discover that your low score was only an accident.

Be that as it may, the following day, your training GRE score is really lower than the past one. You begin to freeze. You had wanted to take a break throughout the end of the week to unwind and loosen up, yet you take a third practice test. You feel horrendous the whole route through the test—drained, restless, and unfocused. What's more, toward the finish of the test, your score is far more terrible than the past two.

Taking more tests will NOT improve your math or verbal skills per see. Studying thoroughly and create badass foundations on both aspect of the test will improve your score during a mock or real GRE tests. Only evaluate yourself when you think that things have changed.
One example could be the following official question

Set S consists of 5 objects.

Quantity A
Quantity B
The number of subsets of set S that consist of 1 object
The number of subsets of set S that consist of 4 objects

A)The quantity in Column A is greater.
B)The quantity in Column B is greater.
C)The two quantities are equal.
D)The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

My approach to solve it, and which implies you master very well the combinatorics concepts, is pretty straight

Choosing 1 object from 5 ones we do have: \(\frac{5!}{1!4!}\). Choosing 4 object from 5 ones we do have : \(\frac{5!}{4!1!}\)

The two quantities are equal

The answer is \(C\)

However, another (less sophisticated) approach is to list and count the possible outcomes and is shown by Brent in the following post ... tml#p30478 which is efficient but a bit "brute force". Nonetheless, both must be a tool in your arsenal to solve a question. Moreover, this shows you a change or improvement if you do have. Therefore, the whole process permits your to improve your score and is when you can take another mock test. if you are in a configuration in which you struggle to solve such question and you do not have an alternative approach or you are NOT able to find a short cut, taking more tests is a waste of time. Did you get the morale of the story ?? :)

The second factor or execution is useful to practicing your test-taking skills.They are:

  • The strategy you could apply and its variations
  • If your time management is perfectly bespoke for a tough test GRE is indeed.
  • Exhaustion.
  • If you take effectively notes.
  • If you confidence to evaluate up front a problem or try to solve right away.
  • If you have silly mistakes over and over again or slowly they fade out.

What a mock test DOES NOT do for you or is helpful is to improve

  • Your math skills and foundations.
  • Your verbal skills.
  • Your vocabulary.

The bottom line is: practice tests will improve your the aspects enlisted above. Notwithstanding, practice tests aren't the main way or even the most ideal approach to rehearse the three areas mentioned afterward.

As a matter of fact, what we said until now leads us to our conclusions:

  • How many tests you needs to take BEFORE the real GRE is a completely and personal aspect. I would say it depends on your feeling that you create in your mind automatically when all the factors above come into the picture.

  • Do not take tests like a salvo: after a single test you perform take your time to review every single question, regardless you did pick it right or wrong. Evaluate every single answer choice you did cast during the mock: right or wrong. This consistent process will give you a much more clear view of what is going on or alternative paths to follow in the future for similar questions. I would say that the time between two consecutive mock tests should be at least every other week, but take this hint with a grain of salt. It always depends on your study plan or schedule

GRE FREE tests taxonomy.....and not only!!!


As you can see from the maps above we do have FREE tests which helps us a lot in our preparation, in both areas: Official Tests and UNofficial tests or tests from third companies such as manhattan or Princeton Review.

But before to enlist our possible options of FRE tests and not only (we will take into account also those tests which are worth to mention even if they are paid, according to our taxonomy), we have to ask to ourselves the following important question:

What are the main features a GOOD GRE test should have?

  • The first thing to mention right off the bat is it must have NOT good but HIGH-Quality questions in it: especially verbal ones because most of the students overlook the following truth: GRE is not a quant test but mainly is a VERBAL test. GRE is used for a lot of field outside the classic and first-move in mind opinion that it is used for MBA application in Business School, whatever it is. GRE is the entrance test for courses into humanity, engenieer, psychology, and so forth. Not only that, we communicate via words and parole not equations. As such, your free GRE test needs to have practice addresses that are as close as conceivable to what you'll see on the genuine GRE: the verbal questions not only should be worded in a similar fashion but also test the same concept AND (contrary to what I see commonly in almost ALL UNoffical tests) do not rely heavily on vocabulary. The sentence must have a consistent meaning other than tough and arcane words; similar difficult level; so forth. Therefore, they are the most difficult to mimic in style and content by every prep-company but ETS.

    It is difficult to reliably make excellent practice GRE issues, and many free practice GRE have questions that aren't too near what you'll see on test day. In the event that you use them for training, it could make you study an inappropriate things for the GRE.

    This is the reason official practice tests are the best FREE GRE practice tests to utilize, they are unbeatable. Hands down.
    They're made by the same individuals who make the real GRE, so you can be certain the inquiries are high caliber.

  • The appearance of the mock test has to be as close as possible the real GRE test, not only in the style and look but also in the substance of the matter. Practicing NOT with the real test does not mean that the experience of the questions, the environment, even the single buttons must leave you comfortable enough that when you take the real exam you are in the same - almost - conditions. No surprises.

    Moreover, the subsequential quant and verbal sections after the two firsts must be adaptive, as the real exam is.

  • Very strong explanations of the questions. Possibly, the same should provide you with an alternative explanation and ideally a shortcut, if it exists to the problem. This would be wonderland. In fact, one of the major negative sides of the official material is that it does not provide sufficient strategy to tackle a question or thorough explanations. A good test should say why the correct answer is correct and why the wrong ones are off the rail. If the answer explanations are brief or non-existent, that can make it difficult for you to understand what you’re doing wrong and learn from your mistakes.

According to the taxonomy above we might have official and UNofficial tests, computer-based and paper-based, FREE and paid. However, keep in mind that your last stand must be the official software to have a real grasp of your plateau in terms of score.

1) Free, Official, computerized GREs

We do have the FREE PowerPrep software. Since a while, the software is no longer computer-based but web-based. You can still download and use it from our directory GRE - PowerPrep® The FREE Practice Tests Explained. Notice that this version and the web-based version are EXACTLY the same. The PowerPrep Online is located at the official ETS GRE website and the only thing you have to do is to purchase it and put it into the cart. However, it is a fake purchase; it costs zero and you can buy it as many times as you want. PowerPrep Online Practice Tests. This is the most realistic practice test for the computer-based GRE. Use it sparingly.


2) Paid, Official, computerized GREs

We do have the paid PowerPrep Plus I,II, and III software.


This software , even though is not cheap to purchase, is the holy grail for the students who aim the top score in the real GRE exam. No debate on it. If you can afford, go for them. Or at least one of them in the very end of your preparation just before the real exam to take at the test center or at home.

3) Free, Official, paper-based GREs

These tests are official, in PDF edition, and they are the perfect companion to the official computer-based tests. Of course, on paper is a quite different from the computer environment. However, you can mimic the real test taking these ful-lenght tests with a timer to measure your performance. The good news is also we do have three of these PDFs, even though a certain number of questions overlap among them. Moreover, the first one dated back in 2004 adheres to the old GRE format, which is also contained in the GRE BIG Book. Only QCQ and problem solving but they are great questions. We do have them ALL explained on the forum

4) Paid, Official, books GREs

4) FREE, UNofficial, computerized GREs

  • GRE Practice Tests by GRE Prep Club
    Gre prep club offers 17 free sectional tests (and growing) which simulate the GRE environment. The difficulty level of the tests are at par with the real thing. The greatest feature of this test is that all the users receive support from the test creators and members of Gre Prep Club regarding solutions and solution methods.

  • ManhattanPrep GRE Practice Test
    The ManhattanPrep practice tests are really good, and are probably the most favored for the GRE, after ETS’ PowerPrep. This practice test is widely used as a pre-study test or a diagnostic test, because the questions on Manhattan Prep are pretty much up there, and at the end of the test, you will get a very comprehensive analysis of your performance. This analysis is very vital to your GRE prep, especially if you are planning to take a diagnostic test and prepare a study plan based on its results. The user interface is pretty smooth even for a first timer, which makes it even easier to take the test comfortably.

  • Kaplan GRE Practice Test
    The Kaplan practice test is somewhat close to its Manhattan Prep counterpart, and the question quality is really good, but Kaplan tests are widely regarded as one of the toughest you will encounter during your prep. The questions on this practice test are slightly tougher than those you will see on the real GRE. Hence, your scores tend to be slightly lesser than normal, and there is nothing to worry about it. In fact, getting yourself acquainted to tougher problems only makes you better.

  • Princeton Review Free GRE Practice Test
    The Princeton Review practice test is again, somewhat close to the Manhattan Prep test, but the questions are comparatively on the easier side. Though the quality of the questions is good, you may sometimes see a higher overall score, since the questions are relatively easier than, say, the Kaplan or the Manhattan practice tests. Hence, your scores tend to be slightly higher than normal, and you should not take the scores for granted. Otherwise, the Princeton Review test is a great source of practice for your GRE, and the user interface is pretty decent too.

  • Magoosh - Free GRE Practice Test With Answers and Explanations

  • CrunchPrep GRE Practice Test

2nd Tier GRE Practice Tests

  • McGraw-Hill GRE Practice Test - A good way to practice the GRE, McGraw-Gill offers only one free test on their website. The test is somewhat close to that of Princeton Review, but your scores can be considered as real. There won’t be much difference in the overall scoring, except for a couple of points in each section, if not more. Plus, there are explanations for each and every question on the test, so you can compare your answers after the test.

  • Peterson’s GRE Practice Test - A decent test in its own merit though it does not match up to the quality standard of McGraw-Hill. Note that this is not a free test.

  • GRE Practice Test - It is a good GRE Test, however it does not rise up to the standard of the top 5. It is good test with which start you your preparations.

  • Galvanize Test Prep

3rd Tier GRE Practice Tests

DISCLAIMER: the old collection is located at this link
Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection]

[Reveal] Spoiler:
GRE Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection] - New Edition (2021).jpg
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GRE Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection] - New Edition.jpg.png [ 42.29 KiB | Viewed 3174 times ]
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FREE GRE Practice Tests [Collection] - New Edition (2021)

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