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Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection]

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Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection] [#permalink] New post 17 Mar 2015, 04:41
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Free GRE Practice Tests

When GRE test takers are asked what, they felt, was the major short coming in their test prep, they unanimously agree that they could have focused more on Prep Tests. Most of them said that they had taken only a single full length (all sections) practice test before the test day. Most of them believed that they could have easily have scored more points if they had taken a few more practice tests. This is indeed true. The practice tests are not only a tool to simulate the real test environment, but also provide a deep insight into our current level of preparation. So how do practice tests help us? Where do we find these tests? How do we effectively utilize these tests? These are the questions that we discuss today.

There are more than ample options available when it comes to practice tests. While availability of too many options is likely to confuse student, we would try to outline and categorize some of the best tests available online. Here we have selected only the best available online resources.
Important Note: You do not have to take all the tests mentioned in the list. We have provided a brief review of all the test available. You may choose a test based on its review. However, if you do have ample time go ahead and take all of them. To know more about these test you can click the respective links.

Which GRE Practice tests would you recommend?
PowerPrep GRE Practice Tests by ETS
GRE Prep Club Practice test
ManhattanPrep GRE Practice Test
Kaplan GRE Practice Test
Princeton Review Free GRE Practice Test
McGraw-Hill GRE Practice Test
Peterson’s GRE Practice Test GRE Practice Test
My GRE Tutor Practice Tests
Testden GRE Practice Test
GRE Guide Practice Tests
800Score’s Test
Please Specify:

TOP 4 GRE Tests

PowerPrep GRE Practice Tests by ETS
The PowerPrep is a set of two free practice sets provided by ETS, the makers of the GRE. Since it is the creators themselves who are providing these practice tests, the PowerPrep is the best source of practice you can get for the GRE. The questions on the PowerPrep are those that have previously appeared on real GRE tests, so you can exactly know what kind of questions to expect on test day, and also how difficult the real deal is going to be. The user interface is exactly the same as the real test, so if you can get a hang of the PowerPrep, things will be easy for you on test day, as you don’t have to sweat the small stuff like the tutorial section, or how to mark and skip a question, etc. Also, it is a widely accepted truth that your final GRE score won’t differ much from what you get on the PowerPrep; it is that accurate.

GRE Practice Tests by GRE Prep Club
Gre prep club offers 17 free sectional tests (and growing) which simulate the GRE environment. The difficulty level of the tests are at par with the real thing. The greatest feature of this test is that all the users receive support from the test creators and members of Gre Prep Club regarding solutions and solution methods.

ManhattanPrep GRE Practice Test

The ManhattanPrep practice tests are really good, and are probably the most favored for the GRE, after ETS’ PowerPrep. This practice test is widely used as a pre-study test or a diagnostic test, because the questions on Manhattan Prep are pretty much up there, and at the end of the test, you will get a very comprehensive analysis of your performance. This analysis is very vital to your GRE prep, especially if you are planning to take a diagnostic test and prepare a study plan based on its results. The user interface is pretty smooth even for a first timer, which makes it even easier to take the test comfortably.

Kaplan GRE Practice Test

The Kaplan practice test is somewhat close to its Manhattan Prep counterpart, and the question quality is really good, but Kaplan tests are widely regarded as one of the toughest you will encounter during your prep. The questions on this practice test are slightly tougher than those you will see on the real GRE. Hence, your scores tend to be slightly lesser than normal, and there is nothing to worry about it. In fact, getting yourself acquainted to tougher problems only makes you better.

Princeton Review Free GRE Practice Test

The Princeton Review practice test is again, somewhat close to the Manhattan Prep test, but the questions are comparatively on the easier side. Though the quality of the questions is good, you may sometimes see a higher overall score, since the questions are relatively easier than, say, the Kaplan or the Manhattan practice tests. Hence, your scores tend to be slightly higher than normal, and you should not take the scores for granted. Otherwise, the Princeton Review test is a great source of practice for your GRE, and the user interface is pretty decent too.

2nd Tier GRE Practice Tests

  • McGraw-Hill GRE Practice Test - A good way to practice the GRE, McGraw-Gill offers only one free test on their website. The test is somewhat close to that of Princeton Review, but your scores can be considered as real. There won’t be much difference in the overall scoring, except for a couple of points in each section, if not more. Plus, there are explanations for each and every question on the test, so you can compare your answers after the test.
  • Peterson’s GRE Practice Test - A decent test in its own merit though it does not match up to the quality standard of McGraw-Hill. Note that this is not a free test.
  • GRE Practice Test - It is a good GRE Test, however it does not rise up to the standard of the top 5. It is good test with which start you your preparations.
  • My GRE Tutor Practice Tests - My GRE Tutor offers 4 free practice tests for the GRE.
  • Testden GRE Practice Test
  • GRE Guide Practice Tests - The GRE Guide tests are as many as 20 in number, all of which are free. Though the tests aren’t as robust as some of their counterparts from other test prep companies, taking 20 practice tests will do you a world of good, because you will be thorough with the test format, and time management.
  • myGREtest
  • 800Score’s Test

Plan of attack?

Now with many GRE Practice tests in your disposal, you would need a solid plan as to when to take which of these tests and how to interpret the results and analysis they provide. This plan assumes that you are willing to take all the tests

1. ETS Test 1. Gauge your performance and make a study plan
2. Address your top 5 weakness area and take another test from the second list.
3. Kaplan/ Princeton Test
4. Address the remaining weaknesses and take a few other test from the second list. Repeat this process till you have exhausted all the tests of the second list
5. Kaplan/ Princeton test
6. Manhattan Test. Carefully evaluate the area where you can score more and try to rectify them.
7. ETS Test 2. This score would be the closest approximation to your GRE Score.

It is strongly recommended that you take the top 5 tests irrespective of the time you have left for preparation.
Best of Luck!

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Re: Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection] [#permalink] New post 23 Jul 2015, 06:52
This is great! Thanks.
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Thank you.
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Re: Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection] [#permalink] New post 26 Feb 2018, 10:35
Who has done crunch prep test here? I think it's skewed for you to subscribe, the quant first part is unnecessary time consuming
Re: Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection]   [#permalink] 26 Feb 2018, 10:35
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Free GRE Practice Tests [Collection]

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