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Avoiding the Kisses of Death in the Grad School Application

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Avoiding the Kisses of Death in the Grad School Application [#permalink] New post 21 Jul 2015, 04:48
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"The ideal student, seen through the eyes of graduate faculty, is
gifted and creative, very bright and extremely motivated to
learn, perfectly suited to the program, eager to actively pursue
the lines of inquiry valued by the faculty, pleasant, responsible,
and devoid of serious personal problems.

This statement indicates that applicants must convey these impressions to graduate school admissions committees throughout the application process to gain acceptance into graduate programs. A survey of psychology graduate admissions committee chairs revealed 5 categories of mistakes applicants make that diminish their probability of acceptance. They are as follows:
  • Damaging personal statements
  • Harmful letters of recommendation
  • Lack of Program Information
  • Poor Writing Skills
  • Misfired Attempts to Impress

Personal statements

• Avoid references to your mental health. Such statements could create the impression you may be unable to function as a successful
graduate student.
• Avoid making excessively altruistic statements. Graduate faculty could interpret these statements to mean you believe a strong need to
help others is more important to your success in graduate school than a desire to perform research and engage in other academic and
professional activities.
• Avoid providing excessively self-revealing information. Faculty may interpret such information as a sign you are unaware of the value of
interpersonal or professional boundaries in sensitive areas.
• Avoid inappropriate humor, attempts to appear cute or clever, and references to God or religious issues when these issues are unrelated
to the program to which you are applying. Admissions committee members may interpret this type of information to mean you lack
awareness of the formal nature of the application process or the culture of graduate school.

Letters of recommendation

• Avoid letters of recommendation from people who do not know you well, whose portrayals of your characteristics may not objective (e.g.,
a relative), or who are unable to base their descriptions in an academic context (e.g., your minister). Letters from these authors can give
the impression you are unable or unwilling to solicit letters from individuals whose depictions are accurate, objective, or professionally
• Avoid letter of recommendation authors who will provide unflattering descriptions of your personal or academic characteristics. These
descriptions provide a clear warning that you are not suited for graduate study. Choose your letter of recommendation authors carefully.
Do not simply ask potential authors if they are willing to write you a letter of recommendation; ask them if they are able to write you a
strong letter of recommendation. This question will allow them to decline your request diplomatically if they believe their letter may be
more harmful than helpful.

Lack of information about the program

• Avoid statements that reflect a generic approach to the application process or an unfamiliarity with the program to which you are applying.
These statements signal you have not made an honest effort to learn about the program from which you are saying you want to earn your
graduate degree.
• Avoid statements that indicate you and the target program are a perfect fit if these statements are not corroborated with specific evidence
that supports your assertion (e.g., your research interests are similar to those of the program’s faculty). Graduate faculty can interpret a
lack of this evidence as a sign that you and the program to which you are applying are not a good match.
Poor writing skills
• Avoid any type of spelling or grammatical errors in your application. These errors are an unmistakable warning of substandard writing
skills, a refusal to proofread your work, or willingness to submit careless written work.
• Avoid writing in an unclear, disorganized, or unconvincing manner that does not provide your readers with a coherent picture of your
research, educational, and professional goals. A crucial part of your graduate training will be writing; do not communicate your inability to
write to those you hope will be evaluating your writing in the future.

Misfired attempts to impress

• Avoid attempts to impress the members of a graduate admissions committee with information they may interpret as insincere flattery (e.g.,
referring to the target program in an excessively complimentary manner) or inappropriate (e.g., name dropping or blaming others for poor
academic performance). Graduate admissions committees are composed of intelligent people; do not use your application as an
opportunity to insult their intelligence.

Source: Teachings of Pscyhology

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Re: Avoiding the Kisses of Death in the Grad School Application [#permalink] New post 12 Dec 2017, 08:25
Your Letters of recommendation was appropriate. Once I read one letter where provided unflattering descriptions of personal or academic characteristics. There wasn't nothing is good in it.

familyessay org

Re: Avoiding the Kisses of Death in the Grad School Application   [#permalink] 12 Dec 2017, 08:25
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Avoiding the Kisses of Death in the Grad School Application

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