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Prodigy Finance is founded on the philosophy that funding shouldn’t be a barrier to education.

In 2007, three MBA students recognised that traditional banks don’t serve the needs of international borrowers: requiring collateral, co-signers, guarantors or documentation that students simply don’t have. They made it their mission to make quality education accessible, using fintech to redefine the student loan market.

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  • Only start repaying 6 months after class ends
  • No co-signer or collateral required
  • No penalties for early repayment
  • 150 countries eligible
  • Member benefits for our community
  • Scholarships for our borrowers

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Why Choose Prodigy Finance

  • Get rates from 4% + LIBOR**
  • Choose flexible loan terms
  • Release your co-signer
  • Consolidate your student loans
  • Make early repayments without fees
  • Pay off your loan with our mobile app

Opening up a World of Education Opportunity

Prodigy Finance is revolutionizing the way borrowers and investors see student loans through our borderless credit model. Over the past decade we’ve helped thousands of international students gain access to postgraduate education through our loans.

We assess students on their future earning potential, not just their credit history, and we’re backed by a community of investors looking to have a social impact that also offers a financial return.

We can also refinance international graduates, who are living and working on any visa in the UK or eligible US states, and who studied a masters degree at any of our 285 universities globally. The currency of your existing loan can be USD or other currencies (including INR).

Supported programs include business and MBAs, engineering, law, public policy, and health sciences (dental, nursing and public health) amongst others. We support working graduates on any visa, including F1-OPT, H1B, L1 and O-1 amongst others.

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