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60x60videoicon The video advantage
With videos, YOU control your learning. So, if you already know how to add fractions, then skip that lesson. On the other hand, if standard deviation gives you nightmares, you can pause, rewind and replay that lesson until you’ve mastered the content.
60x60puzzle Bite-sized videos
Most of our 500+ videos are shorter than 6 minutes. Research shows this to be the optimal length of an educational video.
Ridiculously affordable
Money should never be a barrier to education, so we’ve priced our course accordingly. If that price doesn’t fit your budget, just contact us, and we’ll figure something out.
60x60target GRE-specific strategies
We don’t just cover the concepts; we teach you GRE-specific strategies to help you identify the correct answers quickly on test day.
60x60questionmark Ask us anything
Have a question about a lesson or practice question? We’ll answer it within 24 hours (usually MUCH faster).
60x60steering-wheel The easiest test-drive imaginable
Make an informed decision and check out the dozens of free videos on our site before buying. No credit card or registration required. Just stop by and browse.
60x60guarantee Two guarantees
We’re confident you’ll love our course. So we offer two money-back guarantees.
60x60emailicon Still have questions? Write us
We want you to feel good about your purchase and confident you’ll get the scores you need. So, if you have any questions or concerns about our course, feel free to email us first.

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