Admissionado’s Guide to Navigating Rolling Admissions

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Deadlines are stressful things. You etch the date into your mind, and it begins to loom over everything in your life. You may feel a lurching in your stomach late at night, or look back with regret at a carefree weekend that ought to have...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 29)

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Verbal Many find it strange that her writing is thought to be tortuous; her recent essays, although longer than most of her earlier essays are extremely (i) ____________ . (A) painstaking (B) tedious (C) insightful (D) sophisticated (E) clear Correct Answer – E – (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Question Discussion &...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 28)

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Math Country X has three coins in its currency: a duom worth 2 cents, a trippim worth 11 cents, and a megam worth 19 cents. If a man has $3.21 worth of Country X’s currency and cannot carry more than 20 coins, what is the least...

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U.S. Government Shutdown: Will this affect university admissions?

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Cable news hysterics aside, government shutdowns are usually brief, quotidian frustrations that ruin a few vacations in national parks and give government employees some paid days off.  However, as the longest government shutdown in U.S. history stretches near a month, some of our clients have...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 25)

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Math Jaya can flip 40 pancakes per minute, whereas Sally works at half Jaya’s rate. How many minutes will it take the two of them to flip 150 pancakes, if Sally flips the first 30 by herself and is then joined by jaya for the remainder? enter...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 24)

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Verbal Matisse and Picasso; Picasso and Matisse. Throughout the twentieth century, this pairing has been touted as the quintessential artistic rivalry. In Matisse and Picasso, Yve-Alain Bois follows Hubert Damisch in proposing that the interaction between Picasso and Matisse should be seen as a dynamic game...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 23)

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Math Frank is organizing a charity event in an effort to raise money to build a neigh­borhood park. The park will cost $1,200 to build. Each person attending the event will donate $300, less $20 for each person who attends the event. Thus, for example, if...

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Michigan Ross MBAs, Entrepreneurs, & Founders of Bschool Travel

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Interview with Dale Jarosz & Dhruv Dhawan, MBA Students and Founders of Bschool Travel [Show Summary] Two Michigan Ross MBA students launched their brand new business, Bschool Travel while attending the Michigan Ross School of Business. Let’s learn how these two very busy MBA’s managed to start...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 22)

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Verbal The evolution of intelligence among early large mammals of the grasslands was due in great measure to the interaction between two ecologically synchronized groups of these animals, the hunting carnivores and the herbivores that they hunted. The interaction resulting from the differences between predator and...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 21)

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Math A steel bar 135 inches long will be cut into a number of 5-inch and 7-inch seg­ments, with no part of the original steel bar left over. Quantity A Quantity B The minimum possible number of 5-inch pieces 5 A) Quantity A is greater. B) Quantity B is greater. C) The two...

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