Mentioning Family in Application Essays

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They say, “write what you know,” and for the most part, that applies to your MBA admissions essays, too. We often find ourselves encouraging the applicants we work with to draw on their unique personal experiences to create compelling narratives that will make their applications...

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Dealing With Admissions Rejections

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What do you do when you are rejected from your first choice school? As admissions consultants, we are always cognizant of the fact that our work has the potential to dramatically alter the lives of our clients. Decision letters will roll in over the next few...

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Military Scholarships Deadline Update 2019

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Education benefits are a key selling point for the U.S. military, but the money doesn’t stop at the GI Bill or ROTC. Veterans and often their children are eligible for a number of private or nonprofit scholarships, many of which have deadlines in the next...

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3 Ways to Improve your Data Science or Programming Grad School App

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Data Scientists and Programmers are in demand, so much so, they’re probably the only group of people that actually get pertinent LinkedIn DMs. Companies are fighting over people with these qualifications, with companies offering lucrative signing bonuses and in-office perks like nap rooms and flexible...

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Master in Management Deadlines: September 2019 Intake

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Is it too late to get a master in management degree? Not yet! The hot new trend in professional masters, many MiM programs are still accepting applications through the winter. To an extent, this is a natural result of MiMs’ European bias—many leading MiM programs...

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Master of Finance Deadlines: September 2019 Intake

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If you’ve been considering a Master of Finance degree, but haven’t applied yet, you still have a chance to start in September 2019. However, you’ll have to act fast if you want to be competitive! MFin programs are usually contained within a university’s business school,...

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Admissionado’s Guide to Navigating Rolling Admissions

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Deadlines are stressful things. You etch the date into your mind, and it begins to loom over everything in your life. You may feel a lurching in your stomach late at night, or look back with regret at a carefree weekend that ought to have...

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U.S. Government Shutdown: Will this affect university admissions?

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Cable news hysterics aside, government shutdowns are usually brief, quotidian frustrations that ruin a few vacations in national parks and give government employees some paid days off.  However, as the longest government shutdown in U.S. history stretches near a month, some of our clients have...

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Is An MBA In Your Future? Here’s How To Prepare NOW.

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So, you’re a spritely recent college graduate, or maybe you’ve already been crushing it as a ‘real’ adult, and you’ve decided that you want to go to b-school in some years. Firstly, congrats on coming to this epiphany sooner rather than later! Setting your sights...

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Starting The Grad School Statement of Purpose

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A successful graduate admissions essay communicates the experiences and accomplishments of the applicant and how they relate to their pursuit of grad school. But how does an applicant know what kinds of experiences and accomplishments programs are looking for in applicants? Well, each program’s statement of...

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