Research Experience for Grad School Admissions

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Research experience can be one of the biggest boosts to your competitiveness when applying to graduate programs, but why do graduate programs value research experience so highly, and what types of research should undergraduates be pursuing to give themselves the greatest advantage? Let’s get into...

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3 Keys to Networking for Graduate School

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Elite graduate school admissions is competitive, and applicants have to work hard to juggle the many different elements that go into making a competitive admissions profile. Things like great grades, excellent GRE scores, and a polished resume oftentimes can only get you in the door...

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4 Reasons To Pursue An Engineering Masters

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Unlike many fields, engineers can make a pretty good salary with only a bachelor’s degree. Graduates with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2017 made a starting median salary of $69,500 upon entering the workforce. US News and World Report lists the...

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“Do I need a graduate degree?” Well … it depends.

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Is your graduate degree more important than your undergraduate degree? That’s a tough question, and one that has different answers for different people. For humanities students today, an undergraduate degree is most often thought of as the first step towards a more involved educational path. Teaching...

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10 Tips for Prepping for Grad School Admissions

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In addition to getting good grades and taking the GRE, there’s tons of stuff  that students who are considering going to graduate school should be doing during their undergraduate studies to improve their chances of having a competitive admissions profile. Below, find ten things we think...

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