Got a Criminal Record? Here’s How to Address It in Your Application

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If you have ever engaged in disorderly conduct, petty theft, gotten a DUI, been arrested during a political protest, or have any other infractions (minor or major) on your record, we hope that you have learned important lessons from those experiences and won’t repeat them....

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All About BU School of Medicine, a Social Justice-Minded Med School

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Looking to apply to a social justice-focused medical school? Find out if BUSM is a good fit for you. [Show summary] Dr. Kristen Goodell, Associate Dean of Admissions at Boston University School of Medicine, explores student life at BUSM and its social justice-focused approach to medical...

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What Post-MBA Life Is Like, During COVID and Beyond

By - Feb 9, 10:00 AM   Comments [0]

Applying the lessons of MBA school to the reality of COVID-19 [Show summary] Al Dea, a tech product manager who earned his MBA from UNC, dives deep into what life is like after business school, including how the pandemic has impacted the post-MBA experience. What steps can...

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“I’m Smart, Really I Am!” Proving Character Traits in Your Essays [With Sample Essays]

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When you write an application essay or statement of purpose, you’re trying to accomplish two equally vital goals at once. First, you need to prove your worthiness for acceptance at your target school. Second, you also need to show the adcom that you have the...

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Is a Postbac Program Right for You?

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Understanding postbac programs, and how they can help YOU apply to medical school successfully [Show summary] Accepted consultant Dr. Barry Rothman offers an overview of postbac programs to help prospective med school applicants discern if the postbac experience is the next best step for them, along...

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Why These GMAT Experts Approach Test-Taking With Empathy

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How can you ace the GMAT, the EA or any test required at your dream school? [Show summary] Mike Diamond of Apex GMAT shares his advice for acing the GMAT, prepping for graduate program tests of all kinds, and why empathy is central to Apex’s approach...

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Bring Your Personal Statement to Life With Vivid, Active Verbs

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Your personal statement and essays are essential elements of your application and allow the adcom great insights into who you really are aside from your stats. However, no matter how extensive your experience or how accomplished you may be, all that can be lost if...

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Application Trends to Watch in 2021, and a Look Back at 2020

By - Jan 12, 10:20 AM   Comments [0]

Can the lessons of 2020 help us forge a better 2021? [Show summary] For Admissions Straight Talk’s 400th episode, Linda Abraham reflects on a turbulent year and identifies the most important trends in higher ed admissions to watch in 2021. Applying to graduate school: A journey of...

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How to Write a Goal Statement for Graduate School

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Note: This article uses the terms “statement of goals,” “goal statement,” and “statement of purpose” interchangeably, to reflect the variable language used in graduate application prompts. Go for the goals in your statement of purpose The statement of purpose is one of the best ways for you...

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ENCORE Mary Mahoney Writing a Compelling Personal Statement

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It’s a busy time of year now. We here at Accepted are busy helping applicants with the end-of-the-year application crunch and normally I would be enjoying the company of extended family at this joyous time of year. Thanks to COVID, however, our extended family is...

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