Picking a Career, Interviewing Right, and More Job Talk [Episode 131]

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So, what do you want to be when you grow up? And if you do know what your dream job is, how will you land it? We could think of no better person to join us for a talk about careers than Karin Ash, formerly director...

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A Warm Welcome to Consultant Karin Ash!

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Accepted is pleased to introduce Karin Ash, the newest addition to our team. Karin has gained invaluable experience working with students with varied majors and from universities spread across the country. With previous experience working as the Director of Career Services for prestigious universities (including...

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How Do We Look?

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We’ve given our site a facelift, and – if we don’t say so ourselves – we think we look great! But re-doing a site is like a remodeling project. When it’s finished and most of the work looks fantastic, there is a usually a list...

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Studying Abroad: A Growing Trend for Inbound and Outbound Students

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College-bound individuals are setting their sights farther than ever While parents cling to their young ones, these budding, college-bound individuals are setting their sights farther than ever for educational prospects according to the latest report from Annual Open Doors. There has been a 10% increase to...

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Your 10% Discount Expires Tomorrow!

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Have you used your THANKS coupon yet? The clock is ticking and if you don’t order MBA, law school, or grad school services by tomorrow (the 25th) at midnight (Pacific Time), you’ll lose your chance to save 10%! Here’s how it works: 1. Choose your...

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How to Use Good Grammar to Create Essays That Flow

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Caution: Don’t bury your qualifications under prepositions! From my base in the Middle East, I work with many applicants throughout Asia who have excellent English but use a few phrases in ways that depart from the strictly correct. Here are some tips to help applicants improve...

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Come & Get Your Special Fall 10% Off Treat!

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Happy Autumn! As a pre-Thanksgiving treat, we’ll be running a one-week only discount of 10% off all MBA, grad, and law school non-rush application services. 10% savings can go quite far; in fact, you can save more than $500 on some services! Think of all...

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“I’m Smart, Really I Am!” Proving Character Traits in your Essays

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When you write an application essay or statement of purpose, you’re trying to accomplish several goals at once: You are trying to prove your worthiness to be accepted to your target school, while also trying to impress upon the adcom that you have desirable character...

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Harvard Kennedy School MPP & MPA2 2016 Application Essay Tips

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The essays discussed below are for the MPP and the two-year MPA applications (essay questions are different for the MPA/ID and mid-career MPA applications). HKS seeks well-rounded master’s students – people with proven academic success, strong leadership and career potential, and “commitment to advancing the public...

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The Schwarzman Scholars Program: Leaders of the Future Unite [Episode 126]

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This is the opportunity of a lifetime. When fully set up, 200 students every year will learn how to lead the world into the future at an innovative (and all expenses paid) program. Listen to our conversation with Dr. Rob Garris to learn all about...

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