GRE Question of the Day (September 19)

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Verbal The common belief of some linguists that each language is a perfect vehicle for the thoughts of the nation speaking it is in some ways the exact counterpart of the conviction of the Manchester school of economics that supply and demand will regulate everything for...

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GRE Question of the Day (September 18)

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Math Let S be the set of all positive integers n such that \({n^2}\) is a multiple of both 24 and 108. Which of the following integers are divisors of every integer n in S ? Indicate all such integers. A. 12B. 24C. 36D. 72 Correct Answer -...

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Two Grad School Applicants Walk Into a Bar…

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This might be a great opening line for a comedy night at a university student center, but can you use humor in a graduate school application essay? Should you even try? The answer is…maybe. If you have a funny bone, use it If you can use humor...

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GRE Question of the Day (September 17)

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Verbal Overlarge, uneven, and ultimately disappointing, the retrospective exhibition seems too much like special pleading for a forgotten painter of real but _________ talents. Two Answers limited partial undiscovered circumscribed prosaic hidden   Correct Answer - A and D - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Question Discussion & Explanation

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Take the Mystery Out of Applying to Grad School

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As you prepare to put together your grad school application, undoubtedly you’ve got questions: Are my grades strong enough to get into my preferred schools? Is my GRE score high enough? Is my background too disjointed to make a case for the field I want...

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GRE Question of the Day (September 16)

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Math   Quantity A Quantity B The dollar value of 1 Argentine peso according to the table above The dollar value of 1 Kenyan shilling according to the table above A)The quantity in Column A is greater.B)The quantity in Column B is greater.C)The two quantities are equal.D)The relationship cannot be...

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What to Include in Your Admissions Resume

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I suggest that applicants begin assembling materials for their applications as early as possible in advance of admissions deadlines. One of the first items you should start working on is your resume, a document that all professionals should always have updated and at the ready. 6...

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GRE Question of the Day (September 13)

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Math Set S consists of all positive integers less than 81 that are not equal to the square of an integer. Quantity A Quantity B The number of integers in set S 72 A)The quantity in Column A is greater.B)The quantity in Column B is greater.C)The two quantities are equal.D)The...

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GRE Question of the Day (September 12)

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Verbal It has been known for many decades that the appearance of sunspots is roughly periodic, with an average cycle of eleven years. Moreover, the incidence of solar flares and the flux of solar cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiation, and x-radiation all vary directly with the sunspot...

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How to Compose the Small Components of Large Grant Applications Like the Fulbright

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Like many large grants, Fulbright applications require candidates to compose a number of small written components throughout the document. Most people speed through the process of writing these blurbs, fiddling with word combinations within the live application platform to get the character-count just right. But...

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