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Writing a Powerful Personal Statement Part 2

By - Aug 20, 22:47 PM   Comments [0]

In Part 2 of my seminar of writing a powerful personal statement, I talk about how you can turn your story ideas into compelling and interesting essays that engage the reader and make them view you as an interesting, prepared, and attractive candidate. Though these seminars...

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How to Turn Your Accomplishments Into a Powerful Story

By - Aug 18, 14:54 PM   Comments [0]

Writing a personal statement is hard! Transforming a lifetime of experiences into 500 or 750 meaningful and impactful words can feel stressful and even impossible. In Part 1 of this two part presentation, I walk you through some basic approaches for thinking about and beginning...

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Five Fatal Personal Statement Mistakes

By - Dec 11, 13:01 PM   Comments [0]

Learn about five common mistakes that sink graduate school applications. These lessons apply, no matter the kind of program you're applying to. Check out the video below! Learn the five fatal mistakes that applicants make and how to fix them! Last month, I gave a presentation to...

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Tips for Writing a Powerful Personal Statement!

By - Dec 9, 10:51 AM   Comments [0]

Writing the Personal Statement for your graduate school application can feel frustrating and even disorienting. What do I focus on? How can I make the reader interested in me? How can I be remembered and stand out from the mountain of other applications? These are...

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Worried About Past Academic, Personal, or Professional Blemishes?

By - Dec 8, 12:38 PM   Comments [0]

Get tips for overcoming blemishes in your application! After collaborating with hundreds of business school applicants over the past 15 years, one thing that I have learned is that there are many paths to an MBA. Often, these paths are bumpy, circuitous, or unconventional. Yesterday, I...

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Important Storytelling Tips for Your Personal Statement

By - Nov 6, 18:25 PM   Comments [0]

Your essay needs a good "villain"! Over at, we’re putting together a short series of videos on how you can use effective storytelling techniques to make your personal statement more engaging. We decided to create this series in order to combat what is the most prevalent...

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Obey The Word Limits!

By - Aug 22, 17:40 PM   Comments [0]

One of the most common questions I get from applicants is “how much leeway do I have when it comes to word limits?” In this video, I explain why the question itself suggests an improper approach to personal statements and short answer essays.

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Deadly Mistakes People Make When Getting Advice on Personal Statements

By - Aug 9, 08:05 AM   Comments [0]

You've just finished your personal statement. After hours, or even days and weeks, of fine-tuning it, you're ready to get feedback, so you send it off to everyone you know. This might seem like a great idea because, after all, you want to get as many...

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Don’t Go To Graduate School!

By - Aug 8, 18:16 PM   Comments [0]

The hard life of a grad student             Okay, as some who has four graduate degrees, this might seem like hypocritical advice. And, in truth, many people should go to graduate school. But my experience is that far too many people do and that folks rarely...

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The Three Most Important Words to Remember as You Write Your Personal Statement

By - Aug 6, 09:30 AM   Comments [0]

We are working hard right now to put together our free webinar series on how to write a powerful and compelling story-based personal statement, but while we’re putting the finishing touches on that, I wanted to dispel some misconceptions people might have when I urge...

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