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Three Unique Advantages of Being a Chinese Applicant

By - Jun 10, 07:20 AM   Comments [0]

As a Chinese applicant to American universities, you’ve no doubt heard all about the many challenges you’ll face in the admissions process. You are also probably all too familiar with the many pitfalls you need to avoid: cookie-cutter applications, perfect test scores with no outside...

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How to Make Your MBA Letters of Recommendation Glowing HOT!

By - May 29, 08:57 AM   Comments [0]

The letters of recommendation…that one component of the MBA application that probably seems the most out of your control, the most mysterious, and the most likely to be a crapshoot. Sure, all this is true about letters or rec far too often. But the thing...

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Where Billionaires Went to School

By - May 21, 11:42 AM   Comments [0]

Billionaires—love them, hate them, or love to hate them—run our world. The top one percent controls 45% of all wealth according to Credit Suisse, a number which doesn’t even try to take into account the $32 trillion hidden in tax havens (about half of planetary...

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Admissionado Quick Q&A: Does Harvard make successful professionals, or do remarkable students make Harvard?

By - May 14, 06:35 AM   Comments [0]

*This response was originally posted on Quora. Follow our founder, Raj Patil, there for more Not sure how you’re defining “successful professionals,” (there could be a tasty sidebar conversation about what success is or isn’t), but I also don’t think it matters for the question...

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What a Difference a Year Makes: Writing a Convincing Re-applicant Essay

By - Apr 25, 10:38 AM   Comments [0]

The re-applicant essay is a tactically thorny essay to write, no matter which way you look at it. You have a few hundred words, maybe a little more, to remind the adcom why they didn’t let you in the first time around, and change their...

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Pros/Cons of Getting an International MBA (Non-U.S. citizens coming to U.S.) 

By - Apr 10, 04:14 AM   Comments [0]

With international students comprising upwards of 30% of many of the top MBA program’s student bodies, it has been apparent for some time that international applicants see great benefits in pursuing their MBAs in the States. A prestigious U.S. institution like HBS has worldwide appeal,...

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Pros/Cons of getting an international MBA (U.S. to Europe)

By - Apr 1, 03:59 AM   Comments [0]

As international experience becomes increasingly valuable in our ever-globalizing business landscape, the appeal of an MBA abroad is driving a higher number of U.S.-based applicants to seek out international MBA programs. And an international MBA is not without its positives. Several European MBAs compress the...

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How Does the College Admissions Cheating Scandal Affect Real, Honest Admissions Consulting?

By - Mar 25, 08:23 AM   Comments [0] A funny thing happened a few days ago. I was talking to friends from D.C. who, two weeks prior, had never heard of “admissions consulting.” Upon hearing that phrase as I described Admissionado and what we do, their faces twisted. You could practically hear the...

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Mentioning Family in Application Essays

By - Mar 21, 05:51 AM   Comments [0]

They say, “write what you know,” and for the most part, that applies to your MBA admissions essays, too. We often find ourselves encouraging the applicants we work with to draw on their unique personal experiences to create compelling narratives that will make their applications...

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Dealing With Admissions Rejections

By - Feb 25, 08:02 AM   Comments [0]

What do you do when you are rejected from your first choice school? As admissions consultants, we are always cognizant of the fact that our work has the potential to dramatically alter the lives of our clients. Decision letters will roll in over the next few...

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