GRE Question of the Day (October 26th)

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The current trend toward specialization in nearly all occupational groups is exactly the opposite of what the educational system needs. World problems today are so diverse, complex, and interrelated that only the generalist stands a chance of understanding the broad picture. Unless our schools stress a truly broad, liberal education, the world will crumble around us as we each expertly perform our own narrow function.
Each of the following, if trite, would weaken the conclusion drawn above, EXCEPT:

A) Many of the world's problems can he solved only by highly specialized experts working on specific problems.
B) Relatively few generalists are needed to coordinate the work of the many specialists.
C) Specialization does not necessarily entail losing the ability to see the broad picture.
D) Increasingly complex problems require a growing level of technical expertise that can be acquired only through specialization.
E) Even the traditional liberal education is becoming more highly specialized today.

Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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