GRE Question of the Day (June 4th)

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A manufacturer makes umbrellas at the cost of c dollars per umbrella, and sells them at the retail price of r dollars each. How many umbrellas can it afford to sell at the below-cost rate of b dollars per umbrella and still make a 100% profit on its lot of x total umbrellas?

A. \({\frac{{b(2c-r)}}{{(x-r)}}}\)

B. \({\frac{{2x(c-r)}}{{(b-r)}}}\)

C. \({\frac{{x(2c-r)}}{{(b-r)}}}\)

D. \({\frac{{2b(c-r)}}{{(x-r)}}}\)

E. \({\frac{{2(xc-r)}}{{(x-r)}}}\)
Correct Answer - C  - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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