London Business School Master’s in Management (MiM) Essay Questions, Tips & Deadlines [2020 – 2021]

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London Business School MiM application essay tips

London Business School MiM application essay tips

The London Business School Master’s in Management application essay questions indicate that the adcom values applicants who, at an early stage in their careers, already have self-understanding and the ability to reflect and self-critique. Why? For people who are just starting their careers and don’t yet have extensive real-world experience to draw on, these qualities will allow them to truly benefit from the program and chart an appropriate path forward.

London Business School Master’s in Management application essays

LBS MiM essay #1

How will the Master’s in Management help you to achieve your academic and professional goals? (600 words)

A simple and sensible approach to this essay is to break it into two main parts, which are integrated in the question:

  1. Your academic and professional goals.
  2. Why this program.

The first section may be a bit longer than the second, which is fine.

I combine academic and professional goals together because they are not separate for most MiM applicants. Presumably, your professional career plans are at least part of what motivate your academic interest in business. Briefly discuss those career plans as you envision them at this point and explain how and why they inspire you to learn about business through the academic resources and approach. Since the question breaks out academic and professional, do directly address both – academic would refer to your desire to pursue this education specifically through a graduate business program, and professional would refer to your projected professional growth and the education it requires. It would also be fine to discuss a desire for academic refinement and exploration for its own sake; not every academic goal has to be related to professional goals.

In the second section, identify specific aspects of the LBS MiM program that you believe will be particularly helpful and/or important in facilitating and enabling that growth. Don’t just list things, but connect them to learning needs, goals, and/or intellectual interests.

LBS MiM essay #2

During your time as a Master’s in Management student, how will you contribute to the School community? (400 words)

This question is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself and spotlight relevant accomplishments and experience. You can portray yourself as someone who makes an impact by discussing your prospective contributions based on what you have actually done, experienced, and/or learned (and, sometimes, endured…). To identify the best topics, consider drawing from your work or internship experience, personal interests, academic experience, distinctive or unusual aspects of your background, etc. Most people will do best to discuss 3-4 topics, for each describing the given experience and explaining – in specific terms – how it will allow you to contribute to the LBS community. If 1-2 of these are discussed in some detail, you can mention 1-2 more topics with less detail.

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LBS MiM 2020 – 21 application remaining deadlines

Deadline 1 September 30, 2020
Deadline 2 November 4, 2020
Deadline 3 January 25, 2021
Deadline 4 March 31, 2021
Deadline 5 May 28, 2021

Source: LBS MiM website

***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.***

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