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#GREpracticequestion It is claimed that the change in population occurred.jpg

It is claimed that the change in population occurred because the use of a certain pesticide was discontinued in 1984. Which of the following, if true about 1984, strengthens this claim?

(A) A disease that makes eggshells of birds of species G fragile was introduced in Aviarya.
(B) The pesticide was found to have been detrimental to insects that are the preferred food of species G.
(C) Many domestic cats that had become wild and were preying Qn young birds of species G were trapped and removed from the state.
(D) Birds of species F ate fruit that had earlier been sprayed with the pesticide.
(E) The weather was unusually cool, discouraging hatching of many crop-destroying insects that would otherwise have had to be controlled with the pesticide.

Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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