GRE Question of the Day (December 13)

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The consumption of tobacco in the country has fallen drastically in the past one year. During the same period of time, the government has been running a sustained advertising campaign to educate citizens about the ill effects of chewing tobacco. Thus, the government’s advertising campaign has proved to be a resounding success.

Which of the following options most weakens the argument above? 

(A) The government has had to spend a huge amount of money on this advertising campaign, an amount that it will eventually recover from the general public in the form of new taxes.
(B) More and more tobacco consumers in the past one year have now shifted to consuming relatively harmless substances such as chewing gum.
(C) The consumption of alcoholic drinks has increased in the country in the past one year.
(D) Tobacco prices have more than tripled in the country in the past one year.
(E) All the major tobacco companies are still in business in the country.

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