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As the works of dozens of women writers have been rescued from what E. P Thompson calls “the enormous condescension of posterity and considered in relation to each other, the lost continent of the female tradition has risen like Atlantis from the sea of English literature. It is now becoming clear that, contrary to Mill’s theory, women have had a literature of their Kt, own all along. The woman novelist, according to Vineta Colby, was “really neither single nor anomalous,” but she was also more than a “register and spokesman for her age.” She was part of a tradition that had its origins before her age. and has carried on through our own.
Many literary historians have begun to reinterpret and revise the study of women writers. Ellen Moers secs women’s literature as an international movement, “apart from. but hardly subordinate to the mainstream: an undercurrent, rapid and powerful. This ‘movement’ began in the late eighteenth century, was multinational, and produced some is, of the greatest literary works of two centuries, as well as most of the lucrative pot-boilers” Patricia Meyer Spacks, in The Female Imagination, finds that “for readily discernible historical reasons women have characteristically concerned themselves with matters more or less peripheral to male concerns, or at least slightly skewed from them. The differences between traditional female preoccupations and roles and male ones make a difference in female writing.” Many other critics are beginning to agree that when we look at women writers collectively we can see an imaginative continuum, the recurrence of certain patterns, themes, problems. and images from generation to generation.

In the second paragraph of the passage the author’s attitude toward the literary historians cited can best be described as one of

A) irony
B) ambivalence
C) disparagement
D) receptiveness
E) awe


Correct Answer – D – (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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