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Oct 19 GRE Question of the Day (October 19)

Math Each number SN in a sequence can be expressed as a function of the preceding number (SN–1) as follows: SN = 2323 SN–1 – 4. Which of the following equations correctly expresses the value ...

Oct 18 GRE Question of the Day (October 18)

Verbal While the colonists would eventually push westward, first, they were in for a long, difficult winter, and the main challenge was to _________ their existing resources. A. sell B. peddle ...

Oct 17 GRE Question of the Day (October 17)

Math Quantity A Quantity B x(4−x)x(4−x) 66 A) Quantity A is greater. B) Quantity B is greater. C) The two quantities are equal. D) The relationship cannot be determ ...