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Increased My Score By 7 Points With Kaplan!
August 16 | 2016

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This review is for:   Kaplan GRE Prep - In Person | Location:   Ann Arbor, MI USA  |
The Kaplan in person course was extremely helpful. I was able to take it twice thanks to the Kaplan Guarantee, which was great, since I wasn't entirely satisfied with my first score. My second time taking the class, I had a different instructor and a smaller class size, which were definitely contributors to my score increase. The strategies we learned to save time and better approach questions proved to be invaluable on test day. My instructor also framed the test in a way that proved it to be less about information and problem solving, and more about critical thinking, which significantly eased my anxiety around test taking. Between in-class instruction, the practice MSTs, and the excellent online resources, I went into my second test far more confident than I did the first time. I went from 157V to 161V and 152Q to 155Q, and received a 4.5W both times. I definitely recommend Kaplan for test prep needs; the quality of instruction and resources, and the Kaplan Guarantee, make it well worth it!
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