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April 27 | 2016

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To provide context, I used Economist GRE Tutor when I was about to apply to a very competitive PhD program. It’s a science based program, and I consider myself to be pretty decent at math and OK in verbal. However, to be accepted into top programs, I know I’d need to land in the 95th or above percentile, so I figured it was smart to invest in a prep course.

I purchased the Ultimate prep because I wanted the higher score improvement guarantee + I wanted a lot of practice exams. During my first practice test, I score a 162Q and 159V. I found the Economist GRE Tutor to be top-notch. It’s adaptive, and that means that it focuses in on your trouble areas. Since I have a pretty good understanding of basic math and English, I whizzed through the beginning lessons, which were a good refresher. I felt like the practice questions that were thrown at me quickly got tough, which is exactly what I needed. I was afraid that I’d waste time on lessons I already mastered, but that wasn’t the case.

The practice tests were solid too. After you complete a test, you receive a comprehensive breakdown of what questions you got wrong and the reason for it. I only took advantage of about half of my live tutor sessions. The system for live tutor sessions is set up sort of like Skype. You log into your account and can video with the tutor right there. The tutors were helpful, clever and supportive.They genuinely seem to care how I perform. And I performed pretty well! One big obstacle for me during test day was my nervousness. I was so afraid I’d freak out during the exam, and the tutors helped me calm down. And I did great! I got a 164V and 168Q and I was thrilled.
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1 Created by Aisulu on June 22, 2016
What is the price of the package?
2 Created by EconomistGMATTutor on June 23, 2016
Hi Aisulu! The price will display in your local currency, so check out the plans and pricing here:
3 Created by Aisulu on June 29, 2016