What are Interest Rates and APR? (And Why are They Important?)

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Let’s face it: education is expensive. And that’s before adding in an international component. Few students can afford the cost of attendance with the money that’s sitting in their bank accounts – their bank, their parent’s bank, and the accounts of half a dozen close friends...

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Harvard Kennedy School MPP & MPA2 Application Essay Tips

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The essays discussed below are for the MPP and the two-year MPA applications. HKS seeks well-rounded master’s students – people with proven academic success, strong leadership and career potential, and “commitment to advancing the public interest” (quoting the dean). The school also wants the student body...

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Encore: Your Past Doesn’t Define You [Episode #228]

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This week we are airing an encore of one of the most populars shows of 2017. Many applicants focus on the past – both the good and the bad – to the detriment of their applications. Find out the role your past plays in admissions and...

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6 Tips for Talking About Your Weaknesses

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How do you react when you read/hear the weakness question? With this question, schools are assessing how well you self evaluate. Like a business problem, they want to hear your plan of action, your implementation, and your success rate. Here are some tips to help you...

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Ask Away at Your Admissions Interview!

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An interview works in two directions: The interviewer asks you questions to see if you’d be a good fit for the school in question, and you ask the interviewer questions to help you determine if this program is right for you. In order to come up...

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3 Things to Watch for When Doing Rotations

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In the past, I’ve blogged about keeping a journal during your rotations. Here are three things you can watch for during your rotations that will get you in great shape for later: 1. Watch your attendings. What did your attending do today that struck you? This can...

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5 Tips for Creating Your Stand-Out MBA Resume

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It’s your job to demonstrate to the adcom that you stand out from the applicant pool and are exactly the person they want in their next MBA class. In this series, you’ll learn how to dig deep to unearth your unique character traits, experiences, skills,...

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Get Accepted to Columbia – On-Demand Webinar!

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If you missed Get Accepted to Columbia, don’t worry! It’s now available on-demand. With Accepted’s founder Linda Abraham as your guide, you’ll learn what your CBS application needs to accomplish – and how to impress the adcom. She’ll walk you through each element of the application,...

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U.S. News Releases List of 10 Medical Schools with the Most Applicants

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U.S. News has released its list of schools with the most applicants for the fall 2016 entering class. These schools received an average of nearly 1,200 applications. There was a total of 696,847 students that applied to enter the fall 2016 class among the 118...

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William G. McGowan Charitable Fund Announces Fellows

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The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund recently announced its eighth class of McGowan Fellows. The Chicago-based family foundation recognizes students from top business schools across the U.S. who are dedicated to societal issues and ethical practices. The McGowan Fellows Program, established in 2010, honors the legacy...

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