Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Your Application Essay

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The Application Essay Do’s: 1. Unite your essay and give it direction with a theme or thesis. The thesis is the main point you want to communicate. 2. Before you begin writing, choose what you want to discuss and the order in which you want to discuss...

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FT Top Masters in Finance Programs in 2016

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Financial Times just came out with their rankings of Masters in Finance programs around the world. Below are some highlights, followed by the top 10 rankings. Masters in Finance 2016 Highlights: • This year there were 55 programs included in the FT rankings for Finance programs...

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Focus on Fit

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In today’s episode, Accepted’s founder and director, Linda Abraham, shares the 4 not-so-easy steps of showing fit in your application. While they are not simple to do, these steps are necessary if you want to get accepted to a program where the acceptance rate is less than...

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Planning on Taking the GRE? How Much it Can Run You?

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In addition to planning your GRE prep studies and scheduling the exam, you also need to think about what it will cost to take the test. Fortunately, the GRE’s fee structures are very predictable. All scores have fixed prices and are clearly listed by ETS. Test...

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CEMS MiM: 2 Countries, 3 Languages, 30 BSchools, 100 Institutions

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Meet today’s guest, Executive Director at CEMS Global Alliance, Roland Siegers. He studied in Germany and France and started working for CEMS in 2002, becoming the Executive Director in 2012. Welcome! What is CEMS? [1:45] It’s a joint program – a partnership among 30 leading b-schools. It’s provides...

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Happy 4th of July!

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Tags: Admissions Consulting, College Admissions, Grad School Admissions, Law School Admissions, MBA Admissions, Medical School Admissions The post Happy 4th of July! appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Admission Test Score

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Read often – and make sure you understand what you are reading! Everyone knows that studying is necessary for a good test score. But there are plenty of other tips and tricks to boost your score into the next range. Make yourself more competitive at your...

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Resilience in the Face of Failure

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Made a mistake? Congrats, you are human. Essay questions dealing with failure, risk, mistakes, and difficult interactions or conflict often cause applicants to cringe, squirm, and bite their nails. After all, you want to show yourself succeeding and conquering the world in your essays and personal...

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What Makes an Impressive GRE score?

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You’ll want to see how your score measures up to the scores of other test-takers in your field. Everyone wants a high GRE score, but what actually makes a score impressive? What score should you aim for as you prepare for the exam? This varies depending on...

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make on the GRE (And How to Avoid Them!)

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Plato famously said that “courage is knowing what not to fear.” On the GRE, it can be equally said that a big part of success is knowing what not to do. Much is taught in articles like this about things you should do to boost...

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