Review Your Essays Like an Admissions Consultant: Use the Editing Funnel

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Most of you are now — or will soon be — editing your critical application essays and personal statements. When Accepted consultants review and edit your essays, they go through a process I call the editing funnel. When you edit your own essays, you should...

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Have You Saved $500 Yet?

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Time is running out for you to save up to $500 on non-rush Accepted orders! Between now and Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, you can save BIG when you purchase Accepted services. And yes, this applies to ALL of our applicants – whether you’re applying to business school, med...

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Who Wants to Save $500?

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Want to apply with the confidence? Now is the perfect time to team up with an admissions expert who will help you get accepted! For one week only (November 16-22), when you purchase MBA, med school, law school, grad school, or college services at Accepted, you’ll get...

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College Students, Recent Grads Interested in Business: London is Calling!

By - Nov 16, 10:00 AM   Comments [0]

Over the last ten years we have seen a lot more options in graduate management education. I’ve highlighted some on previous shows like the recent shows we have had on the CEMS Masters in International Management or UVA’s MS in Global Commerce or MIT’s MS in Business...

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Where’s the Poetry? The Secret Ingredient in Your Graduate Application Essays

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Strategy will necessarily guide your selection of essay topics, anecdotes/examples, and structure. Yet an essay built on calculation alone, even if the strategy is spot on, will often disappoint. Logically it all makes sense. But it doesn’t take flight. Poetry can be the secret ingredient to make your application...

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Writing About Your Experiences Abroad

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You’ve done it – you studied, worked, or volunteered abroad and now you want to include part of this in your personal statement. Maybe you want to show that you’ve experienced a different culture or that you’ve managed to go outside of your comfort zone....

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5 GRE Myths and Misconceptions

By - Nov 8, 10:30 AM   Comments [0]

How well do you know the GRE? Have you really looked into this exam and sorted out the misinformation from the facts? Here are 5 GRE myths and misconceptions you should be aware of as you prep for the GRE. Myth # 1: To pass GRE...

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Connections Count. And You Can Create Them.

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When working with clients who are applying to graduate programs, I often observe that they focus 100% of their energy on perfecting their resume and essays. Written documents are critical components of a successful application, as are standardized test scores and college grades. What can differentiate...

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Showing Fit in Your Application: 4 Not-So-Easy Steps

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The most popular post of the last six months is “Focus on Fit,” and since Linda is taking a brief vacation, we are reposting it for this week. In this show, she shares the four not-so-easy steps to make sure you show you belong at your...

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HBXCore: Teaching the Language of Business

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At the AIGAC conference in June, I spoke to a couple of people on the HBS admissions staff and asked them how applicants with less than stellar records can show they are “new and improved” – focused, mature, and ready for business school. They responded...

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