4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future

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Schools are looking for applicants who can show that they have strong leadership qualities and experiences, and demonstrate that they will actively contribute to their student/alumni communities, not to mention to the greater community and society. Yet grandiose, declarative statements and promises to be a superlative...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 6)

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Math The graph above shows the distribution of three different flavors of hard candies—cherry, lemon, and lime—in a candy jar. If all the lemon candies are removed and no other candies are added or removed, what fraction of the remaining candies in the jar will be...

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You Can Do It: Reject Rejection!

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For some, the new year is a time for hearing good admissions news; but for others, 2017 may be off to a grim start. If you’ve received a rejection letter from your target school (or – sigh – from all your target schools), then you...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 5)

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Verbal If researchers can determine exactly what is wrong with people who suffer from this condition, they may be able to suggest drug therapies or other treatments that could __________ the effects of the damage. A) mitigate B) exacerbate C) specify D) identify E) ameliorate F) stabilize Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer –...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 4)

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Verbal Supernovas in the Milky Way are the likeliest source for most of the cosmic rays reaching Earth. However, calculations show that supernovas cannot produce ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs), which have energies exceeding 1018 electron volts. It would seem sensible to seek the source of these...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 2)

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Math The average (arithmetic mean) of 4 donations to a charity was $80. Two of the 4 donations were $90 and $60. Quantity A Quantity B The average of the other 2 donations $80 A)The quantity in Column A is greater. B)The quantity in Column B is greater. C)The two quantities are equal. D)The...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 3)

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Verbal In searching for norms in the sense of authoritative standards of what ought to be, rather than in the sense of what is average and thus can be considered normal, normative ethics aims to ________. a) predict b) mitigate c) question d) dictate e) personalize Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer –...

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A Review of the Magoosh GRE Prep Program

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Applicants preparing for the GRE have a lot of options – from self-study using books and practice tests, to in-person courses, to private tutoring. Today I’m reviewing one test prep option: Magoosh’s online GRE prep course. What is it? It’s a comprehensive, flexible online GRE prep course,...

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My Reflections of 2016

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I just want to take this time to wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year. I think that as the year draws to a close, it’s important to reflect on the good that has come one’s way in the preceding year and...

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Why London Business School Might be the School for You! [Episode 186 – Encore]

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As most of you slow down for the holiday season, and some of you speed up to make the upcoming admissions deadlines, we thought it would be a great opportunity to do an encore of Linda’s excellent interview with Jamie Wright, the Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager at...

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