GRE Question of the Day (July 17)

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Verbal In 1798, economist Thomas Robert Malthus stated in his “Essay on the Principle of Population” that “population increases in a geometric ratio, while the means of subsistence increases in an arithmetic ratio.” However, Malthus’s dire prediction of a precipitous decline in the world’s population has not come to pass....

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Common Grammatical Errors: How to Use “Leverage” & “Comprise” Properly

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Non-native English speakers (and some native English speakers) frequently make some easily avoidable mistakes. Even if you have excellent English there are sometimes words that get lost among misused prepositions. Here are some tips to help applicants improve their use of two words that are...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 14)

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Math   Quantity A Quantity B x(4 – x) 6 A) Quantity A is greater. B) Quantity B is greater. C) The two quantities are equal. D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given. Correct Answer – B – (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Question Discussion & Explanation GRE Question of the Day –...

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Standing Out By Showing You Have a Unique Perspective [Fitting in & Standing Out]

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The application process is a tricky balancing act: You want to show your target schools that you’re a perfect match, but you don’t want to blend into the multitude of applicants or become just a number. How can you show your authentic self in the...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 13)

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Verbal Often the most influential developments initially appear to be of minor significance. Consider the development of the basic stirrup for example. Without stirrups horse and rider are, in terms of force, separate entities; lances can be used from horseback, but only by throwing or stabbing,...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 12)

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Math For how many of the years shown did the ratings for Program y increase over the ratings for Program y the previous year? A) Two B) Three C) Four D) Five E) Six Correct Answer – C – (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) In 1995 there were 95 million television households...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 11)

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Verbal Using the hardships of the Joad family as a model, John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath effectively demonstrated how one clan’s struggles epitomized the ____________ experienced by an entire country. ❑ reticence ❑ adversity ❑ repudiation ❑ quiescence ❑ verisimilitude ❑ tribulation Correct Answer – B and F – (click and drag your mouse to see the...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 10)

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Math A candy jar has 4 lime, 10 cherry, 8 orange, and x grape candies. If Tom selects a candy from the jar at random and the probability that he selects an orange candy is greater than 20 percent, which of the following could be the...

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Welcome to the Team, J. Scott Brownlee!

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We’re excited to welcome Scott Brownlee to our staff. Scott is an admissions expert with two master’s degrees himself, a Masters in Library Science and a Masters in Fine Arts. He has 10 years of experience working directly with college and grad school applicants and...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 7)

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Verbal Owing to a combination of its proximity and ____________ atmosphere, Mars is the only planet in our solar system whose surface details can be discerned from Earth. ❑ viscous ❑ ossified ❑ rarefied ❑ estimable ❑ copious ❑ meager Correct Answer – C and F – (click and drag your mouse to see the...

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