GRE Question of the Day (May 25)

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Math If it is now June, what month will it be 400 months from now? A) January B) April C) June D) October E) December Correct Answer – D  – (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Question Discussion & Explanation GRE Question of the Day – Click to Subscribe via email

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UCLA’s MS in Business Analytics: Prep for the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

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Are you a quant jock with a bit of a poet in you? Learn about UCLA Anderson’s new MS in Business Analytics! Harvard Business Review declared in 2012 that being a data scientist is the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” Glassdoor last year claimed...

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GRE Question of the Day (May 24)

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Verbal In a classic example of scholarly (i) ___________ the poet and scholar A. E. Housman once assailed a German rival relying on manuscripts “as a drunkard relies on lamp-posts, for support rather than (ii)__________ “. Blank (i) Blank (ii) (A) productivity (D) stability (B) invective (E) illumination (C) detachment (F) credibility   Correct Answer –...

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GRE Question of the Day (May 23)

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Math If A is 25 kilometers east of B, which is 12 kilometers south of C, which is 7 kilometers west of D, how far is it. in kilometers. from A to D? A) B) C) D) E) Correct Answer – A  – (click and drag your mouse to...

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GRE Question of the Day (May 22)

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Verbal As the works of dozens of women writers have been rescued from what E. P Thompson calls “the enormous condescension of posterity and considered in relation to each other, the lost continent of the female tradition has risen like Atlantis from the sea of English...

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The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans [Application Essay Tips]

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Paul Soros was often overshadowed by his younger brother, financial wizard George Soros, but he was a millionaire in his own right. In contrast to George Soros’s success in the financial industry, Paul Soros made his mark on the world by innovating in the shipping...

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8 Tips for Better Admissions Resumes

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Looking for solid tips for the actual writing of your resume? What should you include? What should you leave out? What sort of tone should you use? What do you need to know? The following eight tips will guide you towards creating an impressive, persuasive,...

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GRE Question of the Day (May 19)

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Math Between the first day of May and last day in June, the price per kilogram of Melange, a seasoning mix, first declined by 20 percent and then increased by 50 percent. During this same period, the price per liter of Blue, a spring water, first...

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Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford [Application Tips]

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Do you aim to improve the world? Would you like to earn your graduate degree at Stanford tuition free? Then you will be happy to hear about the new Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford, a program that will cover 100 Stanford graduate students’ tuition for...

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GRE Question of the Day (May 18)

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Verbal Some critics maintain that fixed poetic forms, which require a specific number of lines and syllables, invite and may even (i) __________ wordiness; when no such (ii) __________ exists, the poet can easily spot and (iii) ___________ superfluities. Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) (A) curtail (D) constraint (G) foster (B) pretentious (E)...

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