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How Can You Show Passion in Admissions?

By - Mar 24, 09:30 AM   Comments [0]

When one thinks of passion, one doesn’t generally think of investment bankers. But the admissions committees are looking for passion in their applicants; so how are you – a computer guy, an engineer, a biology major, or yes, an investment banker – going to craft...

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Affordable Online Test Prep

By - Mar 22, 09:30 AM   Comments [0]

We are now getting calls from applicants who plan to plan to apply in the summer, fall, and winter to matriculate in 2018. A few have all their ducks lined up – test score in place, school visits planned, a GPA they’re proud of,...

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One Size Does NOT Fit All – Resume Writing Tips

By - Mar 21, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

“I don’t understand….. I already have a perfect resume…. I have used it in all of my job searches….. I don’t need to make any changes….. I really don’t need help with this.” This was from Carina, a prospective Master in Environmental Engineering student. I...

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Get Into IE, an Innovative Leader in Business

By - Mar 14, 09:00 AM   Comments [0]

I want to invite you to our next webinar, 7 Steps to MBA Acceptance in 2018, which I am presenting twice on March 22 at 10 AM PT and at 5 PM PT so you can attend from anywhere. The MBA application process is...

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How Much Time Do You Need to Study for the GRE?

By - Mar 14, 09:00 AM   Comments [0]

How much time do you need to study for the GRE? That’s not exactly a simple question. But today, I can help you get to the answer. How Much GRE Prep Time do You Need? Know Yourself. Who are you? It’s a huge question, perhaps best left...

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Will Your Graduate Education Pay?

By - Mar 1, 10:30 AM   Comments [0]

Saving money on your student loans, ranking grad programs based on salary-to-debt ratios, plus life as a Columbia Business School grad. All in today’s show. Today’s guest, Amanda Wood, graduated from Vassar College in 2009 with a degree in social psychology and economics. After graduation, she...

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What’s Life Like as a Darden MBA and Entrepreneur?

By - Feb 22, 10:00 AM   Comments [0]

Our guests today are both 2nd year MBA students at Darden who founded their start-up at the beginning of their MBA program. We’ll learn more in a minute, but a little background first. Maximilian Huc graduated from Princeton in 2013 with a BA in sociology....

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Do I Really Need a Mock Admissions Interview? [Short Video]

By - Feb 21, 10:30 AM   Comments [0]

Just how important is a mock interview if you have a graduate school admissions interview coming up? Listen to Linda Abraham’s 2-minute answer to this often-asked question. ...

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“What Next….” Is Graduate School For You?

By - Feb 21, 10:15 AM   Comments [0]

I was grading midterm exams in my office one frigid day in March when I was surprised to see Marco, a former student, standing in my doorway. He had that all too familiar “deer in headlights” look on his face. I invited him to step...

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What Should I Write About? Making a Difference

By - Feb 19, 10:15 AM   Comments [0]

In my non-admissions life, I once went to a lecture given by a biographer whose work I admire. In the course of his talk he mentioned that while writing about genius has merit, writing about typical folks and their extraordinary achievements is more valuable. The...

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